Tina Turner is my muse and mentor but she is also the muse of many very talented artists who helped defined her style during the different eras of her career.

And because 2021 is really the year of Tina Turner, a large space is dedicated to the Queen Of Rock inside the new Azzedine Alaia / Peter Lindbergh Exhibition taking place at the Alaia Foundation in Paris until November 2021.

Entitled Miroir (Mirror), it focuses on the work of Azzedine Alaia and Peter Lindbergh and as you all know they played a huge part in Tina’s work and help designing the iconic look and style of the Foreign Affair album.

The exhibition consists in 50 photographs alongside 32 pieces that presents the work of fashion designer Azzedine Alaïa under the eye of his friend photographer Peter Lindbergh.

It is presented under the direction of Benjamin Lindbergh and Olivier Saillard and runs until November at the Alaia Foundation in Paris. Visit their website for more information.

Order Azzedine Alaia/Peter Lindbergh, the photobook by Taschen including many photos of TINA.

11 Replies to “TINA: A Muse In Paris”

  1. I did not even spoke English when i first heard Tina..i could not even understand the lyrics…i had just arrived to the US from Puerto Rico and her voice just amazed me…i heard her singing River Deep Mountain high…i remember asking another high school student to translate the song for me…had just had my first heartbreak…i learned English and i seeked all i could about this amazing singer that impressed me so much…and after marrying and having children and living in Germany..in the 80’s while living in a very toxic very abusive marriage..i hear What’s love got to do with it..and i learn more about the woman that for some reason i felt as if we had something alike..after my English getting better.. reading about her then later on watching a movie based on her life i cried and cried and made the hardest yet quick and best choice in my life…for the better of my children and myself i abandoned a physical emotional abusive 11 yr old marriage…not one regret and my strength and courage to do so came inspired by this amazing powerful woman…i will forever be thankful to her because i am sure that like me, there are many of us out in this world victims of abuse that just need a hero like her to give the needed push to be free of the abuse…many blessings to this amazing ever powerful woman…i know i will never be able to say a simple honest thank you and hug her but i am content to know she is aware of how many lives she had changed with her survival story.. For ever thankful with love and admiration María Elena Betancourt aka Tawyskara

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  2. Thanks for share the video and informations. About the new book, are there different Tina pictures (when compared to
    Tinas’s book “That’s my life”)? Has the new book pictures of Hanes campaign? Let me know. Thanks a lot!

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  3. Wow, Ben – you’re outdone yourself with this one!! Thanks so much for sharing for those of us who can’t see in person. We, the fans, are so lucky to have you.


  4. Hi Ben . The video tour with you as a guide in the exhibition is something.
    very beautiful .Thank You for this. Very interesting.


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