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Tina’s Wish – 1960’s Photoshoot

Tina Turner - black & white photo shoot - 1960's - 02

Looking at those shots from the early sixties when Little Ann’ was on the verge of what would become one of the most spectacular career in music industry, I am pretty sure she had had no idea of what the future would look like and how bumpy the road would be. Was it the age of innocence? I wish I could say yes but as can be seen on several pictures from that time and from this photo shoot, Tina’s look shows that despite her young age, she has already been confronted to the harshness of life. But it also shows determination and that whatever it would take, if she was destined to famous, nobody would stop her.

The lotus is a flower that grows in the mud. The thicker and deeper the mud, the more beautiful the lotus blooms…
Well then, Anna Mae Bullock blossomed more beautifully than anyone else.

More photos from the  photoshoot inside the post! Enjoy!

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Let’s Blog & Roll

Tina Turner live at the O2 - Dublin - April 2009 - 1.jpg

Tina Turner Live at the 02 – Dublin April 2009 – (c) Photo:  S.Huijbregts

Back in 2010, The Tina Turner Blog started as a four handed work between me and my close friend Sjef. We met through the internet (remember Tina FanClub Yahoo Groups?) back in the late 90’s, ‘met’ briefly in 2004 for the fan meeting organized in Zurich when Tina was  promoting All The Best but only really met in Cologne in 2009.

But today, after  years of successful work on the blog, Sjef has decided to leave Tina to her retirement and focus on other artists he also enjoys and has the chance to see live in his city of Berlin or anywhere else in the world.

And so you can now visit his work on his freshly opened website, Blog & Roll!

It already features galleries of pictures from shows of  Joe Cocker  and a story about ‘Crowes & Painkillers’.  Of course, a lot more to come, including Miss Tina, check out the Artists Page !

We’ve added the blog to our permanent links and you can also support Sjef by visiting his blog, sharing it and of course leaving a nice comment!

And now let’s Blog & Roll! Jawohl!

Tina Turner live at the O2 - Dublin - April 2009.jpg

Tina Turner Live at the O2 – Dublin April 2009 – (c) Photo:  S.Huijbregts


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When Turner rolled with Richie

1400762862008-TinaandLionel-09Just over 31 years ago, in 1984, things were really beginning to take off for Tina. Fresh from the European success of her cover of Al Green’s “Lets Stay Together” in November 1983 a second shot at fame was on the horizon. As copies of the single circulated and created a buzz in the USA the single would eventually hit the top ten chart categories in the Hot Black Singles and Hot Dance Club Songs and number 26 on Billboard Hot 100.

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Iconic Photos: The Rio 88 Cover Photo

In our series of iconic photos of Tina Turner we focus today on a photo which also happens to be the cover photo of the Rio 88 concert release, the show which brought her the world record of the biggest crowd ever assembled for a single performer, namely 182,000 people. It is another live famous shot where you can find all the ingredients that are so famous for her stage persona. Our in-depth analysis will cover everything from head to toe…

Tina Turner Rio 88

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New Tina Turner Interview

Tina Turner  Schweizer Illustrierte 2014

Great News! Tina Turner is making the cover of this month issue of  Swiss magazine “Schweizer Illustrierte”. She gave the newspaper a new interview but the photo used are recycled from last year Vogue issue. Still, a very candid, fun Questions/Answers interview where Tina talks about her life in Switzerland, her house, music and being the new face for Swisscom app IO!

 Translation inside the post! Big thanks to Anja!

(C) Schweizer Illustrierte

(C) Schweizer Illustrierte – 2014

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October 1st, 2000: Tina Turner performs in Birmingham, AL

Tina Turner - Live in Birmingham - Oct 21st, 2000

On October 21st 2000, Tina Turner packed the BJCC Arena in Birmingham, Alabama during the second North American leg of  her Twenty Four Seven World Tour. A look back at that evening with a set of 70 photos by Dave Schuit as well as live recordings of the concert.

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Tina Turner’s wedding news (Updated July 19, 2013)

Tina Turner & Erwin Bach at the "Legends Ball" May 14, 2005 © Sara De Boer / Retna Ltd

Tina Turner & Erwin Bach at the “Legends Ball” May 14, 2005
© Sara De Boer / Retna Ltd

So what we heard back in March is getting real next week: Tina Turner (73) and her longtime companion Erwin Bach (57) are finally getting married. Although Tina always stated that she would never marry again it looks like she has changed her mind. After relinquishing her U.S nationality for Swiss naturalisation earlier this year, the retired singer is putting everything in order in her life. Spending her life between her Swiss “Chateau Algonquin ” and her  Villa “Anna Fleur”  on the French riviera, Turner hasn’t record any new material since her 1999 album “Twenty Four Seven”. She made a last final tour back in 2008/2009 and totally vanished once again after it.

Now, worldwide medias  (Bunte magazine first) are reporting the news that Tina Turner and Erwin got married last month and were having a big celebration on July 21st 2013.

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Tina Turner in 2012

Tina Turner - Vienna - November 15, 2012 - 02

With 2012 drawing to a close, it is time to look back at the year that is behind us. What did Tina Turner do? And what did we do on The Tina Turner Blog? Continue reading for an overview of all the Tina news, and interesting posts on our blog, of the past year.

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Tina’s 50th anniversary tour starts in Kansas City

Tina Turner - Kansas City - October 1, 2008 - 15

4 years ago today, Tina Turner launched her 2008/2009 50th Anniversary Tour in Kansas City, Missouri. She performed to a sold out crowd at the 18,000-seat Sprint Center. This performance was Tina’s first full concert in 8 years, since her 2000 Twenty Four Seven world tour. The 50th Anniversary Tour was a greatest hits tour, and consisted of 90 concerts in North America and Europe, ending on May 5th in Sheffield, UK. In this post you will find photos, audio and a newspaper review from opening night.

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Tina at Armani’s ‘One Night Only’ in Beijing

We are very happy to finally be able to share some new pictures of Tina Turner. Last night, she attended the Giorgio Armani ‘One Night Only’ fashion event at the New Tank venue in Beijing, China. She looked fabulous and classy! It was a very exclusive showcase of Armani’s different collections, and Mary J. Blige performed at the event. It was Tina’s first city to Beijing, and in the days before she visited some of the tourist highlights, including the Forbidden City.

Tina spoke a few words to a reporter (source WWD.com):

Before the show began, Turner spoke about her first impressions. “I’m thoroughly impressed,” she said, taking note of Beijing’s surprising spring greenery.
As to why she traveled around the world for an Armani event, Turner explained that she is a fan, but that, more practically, “I wear Armani.”
“What I love about Giorgio’s designs is not only the creativity but also the versatility,” she said.

And from Armani.com:

Tina Turner selected a bowie jacket with built-in cape, in silk cady embroidered all over with shanked haematite pearls with jewelled zip detail from Giorgio Armani Privé collection.

Update: some more photos added. A dinner also took place yesterday at Beijing’s 1949 restaurant. See photo 12 below.
Update 2: many new pictures added during the day.
Update 3 (June 13): check out this video – a report from Italian television, featuring an interview with Tina, starting at 7.00 mins (there are some shots of Tina earlier on in the video). Not much news during the interview (dubbed in Italian) except that she has no plans to tour ‘at the moment’. Thanks to Davide for finding and sharing this video!
Update 4 (June 14): another video appeared online – a short interview with Tina before the event. See below. Thanks to Nikola for notifying us!

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