Happiness Becomes You’, the spiritual best-seller by Tina Turner is continuing its journey around the globe, spreading the words of wisdom from the Queen of Rock.

Happiness Becomes You – Italian Cover

After successful releases in the USA, Germany, The Netherlands…. the book is being published in two new countries this week, Italy and Turkey!

France and many more countries will also get their version of the book, later this year.

Happiness Becomes You – Turkish Cover

In order to promote the book, Italians fans can found articles featuring TINA and great reviews of the book in this week editions of Vanity Fair and Elle magazine!

Get ‘Happiness Becomes You’ in Italian here and in Turkish here!

8 Replies to “Ciao TINA!”

  1. Truly a musical love story for Tina.
    Saying your life is what you can make it to be through the storm ,rain to end up in the sunshine of happiness.
    Continue to take care of yourself Tina and enjoying the rest of your life in health,love and happiness.
    Peace and 💘


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