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La Dolce TINA

TIna Turner Now - July 2017

If you follow us on Facebook or Twitter you’ve probably seen this pictures before but everybody isn’t on social networks so here they are! A glamorous and healthy Tina Turner has been spotted last weekend enjoying the good life during a private event in Italy. Of course no one can resist having its picture taken with the legend which makes all the fans happy and jealous at the time! But most of all we are all thrilled to see Miss Tina enjoying the good life and in top form!

And as an extra bonus to begin the weekend if you haven’t seen it yet, a new video upload with this montage of TINA performing ‘Whatever You Want’ live back in 1996. The video is taken from the Johannesburg TV broadcast and the audio comes from the concert Tina gave in Brunei also that year. If anyone has a nice copy of the Johannesburg concert, don’t hesitate to contact me. The only copy in circulation is… well… you’ve seen it! Audio comes from soundboard recording, if you can use headphones to get the full experience! Enjoy!

Tina in Milano! (June 2016)

01.Tina Turner & Erwin Bach - Milan (June 2016)
Tina Turner in Milano –  June 2016 –  (c) Olycom

Tina Turner and her husband Erwin Bach were spotted yesterday,  June 6 2016, leaving the Armani store in Milano, Italy! Looking joyful and just fabulous wearing fun Armani sunglasses!

Tina Turner & Elisa – Teach Me Again – 2006

The last time Tina Turner topped the charts was in 2006. Tina & Italian pop star Elisa released the single Teach Me Again which went to number one on the music charts in Italy, and which was a minor success in a few other European countries. The song was recorded for the soundtrack of the movie All The Invisible Children, which consists of seven short films about the struggles of children around the world, made by seven famous international directors. Elisa is one of the biggest pop stars of Italy, and many of her songs went to number one, including her duet with Tina. Continue reading for the music video, a video featuring the ‘making of’ of the song as well as some more information on the single release.

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Tina Turner in Venice – November 14, 2011

Tina Turner  and her boyfriend Erwin Bach were spotted in Venice, Italy (apparently today). Some photos of her looking fabulous just appeared on this Polish news site. See below for more photos.

UPDATE: 4 new photos added today, not the best quality but come back and check later, maybe we’ll have the chance to update it again 🙂

UPDATE 2: 4 more photos added.

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Tina Turner – Giorgio Armani fashion show – February 28, 2011 (updated)

Updated (March 6, 20111) with 5 high resolution photos! Look inside the post.

Tina attended another fashion show in Milan, this time the Giorgio Armani haute couture collection, on Monday, February 28. She looked totally gorgeous again! See more picture inside with Tina wearing jeans and a RTL tv report about Tina inside the Fashion Show!!!

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Tina Turner – Emporio Armani Fashion Show – February 26, 2011 (updated)

Updated with 7 high resolution photos (March 6, 2011). See inside the post!

Tina Turner was at the Emporio Armani Fashion Show in Milan, Italy today! She looked gorgeous! Have a look at the gallery in the post to see more pictures and a short interview with Tina.

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