“My kidneys are victims of me denying the fact that my hypertension needed therapy with conventional medicine. I put myself at great danger by refusing to accept the reality that I required daily medication for the rest of my life. I considered my body an invulnerable and indestructible bastion for way too long.


Today Thursday, March 9, is World Kidney Day. This day is intended to raise public awareness worldwide about a health issue that has received little attention to date: Chronic Kidney Disease.

Globally, 700 to 800 million people suffer from this disease and forecasts say that it will be the fifth leading cause of death in 2040 if prevention, treatment, and thus awareness of this disease in the population do not change.

As you know, Tina Turner has been suffering from Chronic Kidney Disease for many years, caused by high blood pressure, which she did not treat regularly with medication due to ignorance. She simply did not know the connection between the two diseases. Accordingly, it is important for her to educate and warn people.

A broad-based campaign to mark World Kidney Day on March 9, jointly led by the European Kidney Health Alliance, the Dutch Kidney Foundation, the European Kidney Patients’ Federation, the European Dialysis and Transplant Nurses Association/European Renal Care Association, the European Renal Association and the International Society of Nephrology is drawing special attention to the causes, prevention options, and diagnostics of chronic kidney disease.

A prominent supporter of the campaign is world star Tina Turner, whom herself suffers from kidney failure due to poorly treated high blood pressure. She says, “I put myself in great danger because I refused to face the reality that I needed daily, lifelong therapy with medication. I believed for far too long that my body was an untouchable and indestructible bastion.”

Tina Turner’s kidney disease story is part of the awareness campaign and will be available to read on the specially created website showyourkidneyslove.com. Here, patients, interested individuals, and policymakers can learn about kidney function and CKD, risk factors, prevention options, as well as recommended EU policy actions. The goal is to increase awareness of how important the kidneys are in the overall human complex and the great harm that underlying diseases such as inadequately treated hypertension and diabetes cause.

Visit Show Your Kidney Love website and read more about Tina’s struggle with her kidney

10 Replies to “Show Your Kidney Love”

  1. All medical resources had their place. Glad you are being taken care off. Stay strong my fellow Sag. Thank you for bringing awareness to this major health issue. This can save millions! I will most definitely share this post. Huge hugz for you sis. The Most High continue to bless you.


  2. Dearest Tina…Thank you for this awareness and for lifting innumerable spirits in the world with your divine musical gift. Please allow the “Blanket of Prayer” to be with you everywhere you go. Be well…you’re a gem and a brave divine soul. 🌟 Sylvia.


  3. Thank you, Ben. My grandmother died (when I was in high school – so years ago) from kidney failure. Her problems were due to medication for other problems, but a better understanding of diet, smoking (she was a long time smoker), and watching her blood pressure may have given her more years. I’m very glad Tina is speaking out and educating others.


  4. Thank You Ben. High blood pressure, really is the silent killer.and people don’t feel it even exsist ,like Tina described there is no pain.Our father was a very very strong man all his life, but it started with this blood pressure. Mrs. Tina has a good heart to help others from her personal experience.Her picture in the hospital bed make us sad , but there her life saved. She got a second chance as she said. And please God give her more and more years without suffering. . Give her good health and happiness like she gave to millions around the world. Love Always .CHEN & KEREN


  5. MY heart and thoughts goes out to you Tina each and passing day I have and still watching your videos and interviews. YOU are Miss dearly your not forgotten. love you and God Bless


  6. All things work together.
    Each part of the body depends
    on the other.
    Wishing you Tina healthier
    and brighter days.
    You deserve to live your best


  7. Thank you for sharing your story. I am now 61 and only beginning to listen to my own body. Thank you for giving me courage to keep moving forward.
    You will ALWAYS be my hero!
    May life always treat you kindly. May any troubles be few. May you enjoy many numerous auspicious blessings each and every day…
    Tashi Delek, Namaste’ & Peace,


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