Back in 1998, some twenty-five years ago, while Tina had just completed the gigantic Wildest Dreams Tour, fans thought she would take a long deserved break away from the spotlight but she surprised us all once again when she came back earlier than expected, singing and covering Eros Ramazzotti’s  ‘Cose Della Vita’ with the Italian crooner and adding another hit to her career.

This project was all Tina’s idea, she loved the original song and told her manager Roger Davies that she would like to get in touch with Ramazzotti. And through the record company, contact was made, and the singers met in Italy. The chemistry between them was immediate, Tina admitting that she felt a ‘kind of a crush… as a fan!’ and thought the song would be perfect for a duet.

Not only this would turn out to be a fantastic idea, but Tina would also add even more of herself to the song, penning the bittersweet English lyrics for the duet that would ultimately be issued under the title  ‘Cose Della Vita/Can’t Stop Thinking Of You’.

Recorded at Fonoprint Studio in Bologna, Italy in 1997, the song would hit the European charts in early 1998 becoming an instant hit everywhere around the old continent, supported by its video clip shot in the wonderful village of Peille in France just a few minutes away from Anna Fleur.

The song would also get a Spanish release while a live version was issued on Eros’s album ‘Live’.

You can listen to both of these versions below and watch a special report from Dutch TV documenting the recording of the song in Italy. Enjoy!

Cose Della Vita (Spanish Version)

Tina & Eros – Cose Della Vita (Live)

Tina Turner & Eros Ramazzotti recording Cose Della Vita in Italy

11 Replies to “Cose Della Vita 25th Anniversary”

  1. I luv this song but I was wondering if Capitol or Parlaphone would be releasing deluxe editions of Wildest Dreams & Twenty Four Seven like her other cds?.

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  2. I love it! It is a beautiful song, sung from some beautiful voices!.
    Absolutely love it!
    Their voices blend & compliment each other very well!

    Love, love, love it! ❤️


  3. Miss you Tina watching all your videos of your career. since private dancer their no artis out there can top your live shows and performances. Glade to have been in this lifetime to have seen your career so hard to take just GOLD your Price less


  4. WOW 25 years … It’s so current like it came out 2 years ago.The energy between them is like a fire & it was so beautiful 2 languages in the song + beautiful video clips in the village and live in MUNICH 1998.One of the best powerful duet. We love to listen to it. Chen & Keren


  5. THANK YOU BEN. Must say enjoying to listen & watch the video with your explanations, descriptions durig the video ,it’s more interesting and enjoyable.PROFESSIONAL .THANK YOU , WELL DONE. CHEN & Keren


  6. Aldo
    Dear Tina, you were my favorite singer I have 1971 and 1973 sischi with Ike I’m very old but I still listen to your music I also have your concert on a DVD Video.
    I salute you and wish you good health.
    Regards Aldo Italy


  7. Love the music,video and lyrics of the song.
    Tina and Eros harmonizing
    flows so beautifully.
    You can feel the love and essence of them.
    An excellent combination.

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