10 times Tina Turner showed the world that age is just a number

Happy birthday Tina!

Today, Tina Turner celebrates her 74th birthday! During her life, she has shown the world over and over again that age however, is just a number. In this post, we take a look at 10 moments when Tina Turner proved that she was, is, and will always remain, the ageless queen of rock music. Happy birthday Tina – thanks for the inspiration!

1. Age 20 (1960): when she proved that even young girls get the blues

Tina Turner recorded her first single, A Fool In Love, in 1960. With her breathtaking performance, she showed the world that even a twenty-year-old girl can understand the pain of love.

2. Age 30 (1970): when she showed that a mother of four can be sexy

Back in 1970, Tina Turner was constantly touring with the Ike & Tina Turner Revue, on the road 300 days a year. At home, however, she was raising four teenage boys. In this performance on the Ed Sullivan show, she showed America that a mother of four can still be sexy.

3. Age 45 (1985): when she was the biggest pop star on the planet

At the 1985 Grammy Awards ceremony, she won three awards and performed her number one hit-single What’s Love Got To Do With It. That night, she was the biggest pop star on the planet. Aged 45, it still remains the most remarkable comeback in music history.

4. Age 48 (1988): when she sold out the biggest stadium in the world

Aged 48, Tina Turner fulfilled her lifelong dream of filling the biggest football stadium in the world. On January 16, 1988 she performed at Rio de Janeiro’s Maracana Stadium in front of 180,000 fans. She made it to the Guinness book of world records.

5. Age 56 (1996): when she totally rocked this tiny Versace dress

Tina Turner 1996

Surely her most sexy and breathtaking stage outfit, Tina Turner opened every night of her 1996/1997 Wildest Dreams tour in this glittery Versace mini-dress. And those legs…!

6. Age 60 (2000): when she celebrated her 60th birthday like this

At age 60, she toured around the world with her 2000 Twenty Four Seven millennium tour. It was the highest grossing concert tour of the year and included two sold-out dates at London’s legendary Wembley Stadium.

7. Age 68 (2008): when she showed Beyoncé who’s queen

At the 2008 Grammy Awards, Beyoncé convinced Tina, her lifelong idol, to join her on stage for a rendition of Proud Mary. Tina showed Beyoncé that she could still keep up with someone more than forty years her junior.

8. Age 69 (2009): when she proved that you are never too old to rock ‘n’ roll

Tina said farewell to the concert stage during her 2008/2009 sold-out 50th Anniversary Tour. She was 69 when she finished the tour, and she sure showed the world you are never too old to rock out. It’s only rock ‘n’ roll, but she likes it…

9. Age 73 (2013): when she became Vogue’s oldest cover model

Tina Turner on German Vogue - April 2013

This spring, Tina surprised the world when she became the oldest cover girl of Vogue magazine, ever! She looked fabulous as she graced the cover of the April issue of the German Vogue.

10. Age 73 (2013): when she demonstrated you’re never too old to find true love and happiness

Tina Turner & Erwin Bach - marriage 2013

In July of this year, Tina got married for the second time in her life at the age of 73. She tied the knot with her long-time partner Erwin Bach in a private ceremony at their house on the banks of the lake of Zürich, Switzerland. In an interview with Oprah Winfrey held a few weeks after the marriage, she claimed she has never been so happy in her life!



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51 responses to “10 times Tina Turner showed the world that age is just a number

  1. Ana Cristina Castro

    Happy Birthady Mrs. Tina Turner!! God Bless you !!

    • Scott S

      Ive listened to Tina since I was a small lad,Want to wish her a belated Happy B-day,and a Merry Christmas,Happy New year 2014. Shes influenced me and countless others ,,who can only wish they were as genuine,and soulful w/there music+ life in general. Thanks for the inspiration Tina,you deserve the best,because you are “Simply the best” 🙂

    • michele

      I’ve always loved Tina Turner..always been a big fan…loved seeing her concerts..soo much energy..so much talent!..Much happiness for you and your new husband!..Hope to see you on tour again soon!

  2. Daniel Alexandre Descartes

    love you tina

  3. Happy Birthday Mrs. T,,,Love you!

  4. nelson Silva

    Happy Birthday my DIVA:-) God bless you always. With love Nelson

  5. Mark, U.S.A.


  6. Paulo Gomes Campos

    Happy Birthady Mrs. Tina Turner!! God Bless you !! Peace, Happines, health, love,love, forever. With Love. Paulo Gomes ( Coronel Fabriciano, Minas Gerais – Brazil)

  7. rober

    Happy birthday my queen!! siempre en mi corazon!!

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  9. Ms Sydney McMillan



    Happy birthday Tina!!!! You’r THE BEST!!!!

  11. marie

    Amazing article for an AMAZING woman! Thanks guys! Happy birthday Mrs Bach. All the best to ONE of THE Best!

  12. Nina

    What an amazing life you’ve had Tina! Happy Birthday!

  13. Irena

    Dear Tina, you get me to my Knees, and I also pick up.
    Thank you and All The Best.

    • Irena CORRECTION :-)

      Dear Tina, you get me to my Knees, and you can also pick me up.
      Thank you and All The Best.

  14. Faye

    Happy birthday Tina. You are always simply best 🙂

  15. lucia

    auguri Tina sei la migliore

  16. hello tina happy birthday you are simply best artist in the world and i love you your songs are greatest in the world and like you say tina it just number in your life good luck tina we love you from australia queensland karen gorrick hope you come out with more world tours keep on rocking baby

  17. Ksusha

    Happy Bitrhday my grandma!
    you are my personal inspiration. You re just fire and positive Energy at 100%, fortitude, physical beauty and cosmic insight! you erase stereotypes! Infinitely love!
    from Russia with love

  18. Pol

    Joyeux anniversaire Tina. You are the best. I love you baby. Nous t’aimons très très fort. Tu es ma source de vitamines. Love……Love….

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  20. happy birthday tina have an amazing day all the best .xx

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  22. You saved my life! Very very Happy Birthday! Nam myoho renge kyo! ;).

  23. Pearl Hightower

    Happy Birthday Tina. Enjoy this day and the rest of your life. You are a true inspiration to me and many others who have reached this time in their lives. I admire you and wish you SIMPLY THE BEST!!!!!! GOD BLESS YOU!!!

  24. Lasse

    Happy birthday Tina. looking forward to the next beyond project

  25. Ciao TINA TURNER ti faccio i miei auguri di un felice compleanno e di passare una felice giornata con i tuoi amici . Ma ti vorrei dire una cosa che tu perrme sarai sempre SIMPLY THE BEST ciè la migliore cantante del mondo intero che ha saputo scrivere delle canzzoni scritte con il cuore e con la passione che mette ogni giorno della giornata e ti mando un grande baccio e I LOVE YOU FOREVER . Ciao dal tuo grande fan da sempre mia unica TINA TURNER .

  26. Yvette Treco

    Happy Birthday Tina, from the Sunny Shores of The Bahamas!

  27. Mrs Turner-Bach,I wisch you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY and soooo many years of LUCK and HAPPYNESS.You are and will be forever my favorite singer .
    You are a QUEEN OF ALGONQUIN ! With big love and respect !


  28. Erik Haugseth

    Happy birthday Tina!

  29. Luis Eduardo

    Happy Birthday TINA!!!

  30. Great post guys! Really enyojed it!

  31. Kacper

    Happy birthday Tina!
    Wszystkiego najlepszego z okazji 74. urodzin!

  32. Jahi Donaldson

    Happy birthday Tina!!!!

  33. Perfect article. Congratulations.

  34. Cergio

    Tina is a reason to celebrate the passing of years. So… celebrate!

  35. Jorge

    Happy birthday Tina ! I luv you ! From your number 1 fan in Miami , Jorge


  37. Valerio Romeo

    Auguri Tina.tutto il megloo per te.Grazie…

  38. Dear Tiina! Happy Birthday! I am not leaving this reply to a greatest star which you definitely are…I am leaving my deepest wishes to beautyful human being and woman who supported and helped me without knowing it…20 years ago my life broke down and i really was into your songs. Familyviolence… I turned into spiritual path singing mantras and praying…
    I had 3 children, got married to 8 years younger man and now we have 6 children. Years ago I saw movie about you and was shocked how alike it was with my personal story….Then I heard of your younger boyfriend and felt safe to go on with my new life in full….And then I heard that you singing mantras with group. And now I made I wish! To organize your mantraconcert in my homeland Estonia as we did for our beloved friends Deva Premal and Miten. And I have a dream to sing with you few mantras after as we did with them….And hug you! I am 52 now and your todays story again supported me for next decade!!! But I quess for me story goes up-side-down- In past fewyears I become quite good salsadancer beside all other ballrooms and plan to racksing in my 55…Bu it doesnt matter which way it goes. Important is that you are HAPPY!!! Because you worth it!!! And me too…

  39. Robert ONeill

    I have been her fan for as long as I can remember and i will never forgett her 60th consert at wembley stadium it was awsome. She is and always will be the Queen of popp and rock. Love her love her love her. Happy birthday Tina dont ever stop being as fab as u are. Your biggest fan from Reykjavik Iceland. Your simply the best 🙂

  40. Th. Jökull Elisson

    Happy Birthday ❤

  41. Glennis Thomas

    Happy Happy Birthday beautiful Mrs. Tina Turner-Bach, much love, prosperity, good health and happiness always your the best.

  42. Happy Birthday Tina!!! I deeply admire you for your strength and character as a woman and for your talent as an artist. I represented a monologue based in your life on Theatre and also NAM MYOHO RENGE KYO is transforming my life. LOVE from Catalonia!!! 😉

  43. Rob

    Happy Birthday to you TINA! Mine was the 26th! “Simply the Best” says it all! 😀

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  45. Thanks for finally writing about >10 times Tina Turner showed
    the world that age is just a number | The Tina Turner Blog
    <Loved it!

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