Tina Turner – What’s Love Got To Do With It? Grammy Awards – 1985

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Tonight, the annual Grammy Awards ceremony takes place in Los Angeles, California. A special night for Tina, because her number one hit single What’s Love Got To Do With It is inducted in the Grammy Hall of Fame. This song won Tina two Grammy Awards, and was also awarded with the Song of the Year award for its writers: Terry Britten and Graham Lyle. On February 26, 1985, Tina performed the song live at the Grammy Awards at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. Besides Record of the Year and Best pop vocal performance, Tina also won the Best rock vocal performance Grammy for her song Better Be Good To Me. This was truly an emotional evening for Tina, and it marked her definite return to the top of the music industry, at the age of 45. Continue reading for the video of Tina performing What’s Love Got To Do With It and receiving her awards. Also included are some photos from this special night. We congratulate Tina on getting her song into the Grammy Hall of Fame!

28 Replies to “Tina Turner – What’s Love Got To Do With It? Grammy Awards – 1985”

  1. You guys Ben and Sjef are the best :). I never thought a Tina site could top Johanna’s and the Belgium sites but you guys have done it! Definitely at the top of your game. Thanks for all you do!


    1. Thank you Peter, that comment made our day! We are glad you are enjoying our blog, and we enjoy entertaining Tina’s fans with some updates from time to time. Hope to see you again soon on the blog!


  2. I’ve never seen this performance before and it is fantastic. Tina looks and sounds amazing, as always she is simply the best.She deserves all the grammy awards.Thanks Ben and Sjef.


  3. Ben and Sjef – I couldn’t agree more! I deeply appreciate what you have done for Tina Turner fans. I am always thrilled to go to your site because I know I’ll find something amazing


    1. Yes, I don’t think they announced the winner of ‘best rock vocal performance’ during the show, it was already announced before the show, so I don’t think there’s any footage of that.


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