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The World Needs…

Tina Turner- Oprah 2013

Tina Turner about the World needs:

The World needs guidance, spirituality, find out who you are to get you on the right track and to stay in the light – Tina Turner 2013 –

Tina Turner about God:

God is of Love, compassion, forgiveness, appreciation. That is what we are born with and what we should live by; God is not in the image of a person for me. God is a Way of Life – Tina Turner 2013 –

Set you tv recorder! Never seen before footage from Tina Turner’s Next Chapter interview with Oprah will be broadcasted on this week episode of “Super Soul Sunday”. In this special edition of “Super Soul Sunday,” Oprah sits down with today’s top thinkers, teachers and spiritual leaders to discuss life’s big questions. Plus, don’t miss never-before-seen footage and surprise appearances by rock and soul queen Tina Turner, filmmaker George Lucas and more.
Shows air Sunday 22 at 11 a.m. ET on OWN.

Watch the 2 trailers from this week episode with Tina inside the post!

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A hoax: a new Tina Turner new song?

Lots of rumors flying around today about Tina possibly singing back-up on the song ‘Carry On’ by JJ McCabe, with semi-confirmations and a ball of confusion. But at the end of the day, the most likely scenario is that it is a hoax.

The story started when music blog ‘Rock NYC’ wrote this about the song:

“She is huge, about as big as you can get and I would like to give you another clue as to who it is but I can’t tell you in public. Plus, she is working on a new album and that would be a big story if it was l known. I am the worst at keeping secrets and I wish I could give a hint but she is so well known it might give it away.”

Rumors were further fed by questionable confirmations in private e-mails from ‘people in the know’. However, give a second listen to the song: however much we want it, it’s not Tina…!


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Save the school in lil’ ol’ Nutbush

Tina Turner Flagg Grove School restoration

We have written about the restoration of Tina Turner’s school back in lil’ ol’ Nutbush before. But now it is time to take action. 75,000 dollar is needed to bring Flagg Grove School back to its original state. At the moment, over 40,000 dollar has already been donated. A campaign has been set up where us fans can become part of the project by making a donation. And what’s even better: when you make a donation your name will be included on a birthday card that will be delivered to Tina by her assistant Rhonda Graam.

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News from Beyond

Tina Turner - Zurich 2013

In 2014, after Beyond and Children Beyond, the new Beyond album ‘Beyond, Love Within’ will see the light of the day! Tina Turner is once again a part of the project and will put her vocals on a few tracks. Until then, here is a brand new photo of Tina and the Beyond team in the studio in Zurich! Miss Turner looks fantastic don’t you think?

BUY ‘BEYOND’ on Amazon! Click here!
BUY ‘CHILDREN BEYOND’ On Amazon! Click here!


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Tina Turner’s fans return to Amsterdam

Tina Turner birthday fan party 2013

For the fourth consecutive year, the Tina Turner birthday fan party will take place this year in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Fans from all over the world will travel to Amsterdam to celebrate the one and only Queen of Rock’s 74th birthday. The event takes place on November 23 in bar The Queen’s Head, and will include several tribute performances and Tina music all night long!

For impressions from the previous parties, please check out these posts on the 2011 and the 2012 editions.

For more details on the party, please visit the information page.  See you in Amsterdam


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Tina Turner Heritage Days in Nutbush

Tina Turner Heritage Day

Haywood County will celebrate Tina Turner and the heritage of the Flagg Grove School during the 1st Annual Tina Turner Heritage Days on September 27-28, 2013. All proceeds from the event will go towards the restoration of Flagg Grove School. You can also help the restoration by donating here.

Read more about this special weekend in the post.

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Tina Turner on Oprah’s Next Chapter – New Trailer

Tina Turner on Oprah's Next Chapter

Before tomorrow’s big interview, a few new extracts from Tina’s interview on Oprah’s Next Chapter  emerged yesterday. We made a compilation  of those clips in which Tina talks about her favorite wedding moments, why she retired and how would she describe her legacy! Watch it below! Duration: 3min30


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Tina Turner on Oprah’s Next Chapter trailer

Tina Turner & Oprah - Oprah's Next Chapter preview - August 2013

Watch a  sneak preview of much anticipated  Tina Turner interview on Oprah’s Next Chapter.  The video is available to watch worldwide thanks to AOL! Have a look inside the post for screenshots.

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Stunning Tina Turner in St Tropez


Glowing newlywed Tina Turner flashes her dazzling wedding ring after marrying her long-term love Erwin Bach!. She was spotted last night leaving “La Brasserie des Arts” in St Tropez surrounded by bodyguards.  More photos in the link!



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Tina Turner: “I’ve reached my Nirvana”

(JennyMtc /Instagram)

(JennyMtc /Instagram)

Hello! magazine got an exclusive interview with Tina Turner & Erwin Bach during their wedding party in Zurich last Sunday.  Tina told them details about the party preparation, her new life, Erwin and how it is to be Tina Turner in 2013. A first glimpse and a must-read before much anticipated Oprah show in August.

Read all about it in the post!

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