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The 1987 Posters That Survived

We always knew that Tina Turner is a survivor, a Soul Survivor even who sang  “I Might Have Been Queen” down in far-away Egypt on the river Nile cracking criminal cases with Hercule Poirot. But halt! There is yet another river, a small but important river in Germany, the river Ruhr which is also the name given to Germany´s most populated agglomeration with 5 million inhabitants: the Ruhr Region (or “Ruhrgebiet” in German). And it is exactly there where one of the biggest miracles in show business advertising or at least in the realm of live concerts marketing could be seen: Tour Posters advertising shows in 1987 hanging and hanging under a highway bridge for an eternity. According to an informant who lives nearby: everything is now history – but not forgotten because we are about to tell you about the Tina Turner 1987 tour posters which simply survived year after year under that highway bridge until the years piled up to nearly 3 decades.

Tina Turner 1987 Posters Herne
Tina Turner 1987 Posters Herne

Survival of the Fittest (Poster)

You could say that the Ruhrgebiet was actually soaked with Tina Turner in the 80s. No wonder then that the following story could unfold only here – the story of the posters which survived for 30 years and now even have their own Facebook page!.

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“Undisputable Rock’N’Roller” in HD

Tina Turner -Root-Toot-Undisputable-Rockn-Roller

Out from the Rough album which was Tina’s first solo album after her 1976 split with husband Ike Turner. Her first two solo albums, Tina Turns the Country On! (1974) and Acid Queen (1975), were recorded while she was still married to Ike Turner and also a member of the Ike and Tina Turner Revue.

“Root Toot Undisputable Rock’N’Roller” was the third single out of the album and Tina performed this song on several TV shows in Europe and America. “Night Time Is The Right Time“ from the b-side was already recorded by Ike & Tina, but not released until 1991 on the CD “Good Old Times“.

Here is Tina performing the song on ZDF’s Kultnacht in 1979 for the first time in HD on Youtube!


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The Stadium Anthem

Tina Turner in Rio de Janeiro

World Cup fever is here. Today, all eyes are on the Maracanã Stadium in Rio de Janeiro for the finale of the football (that’s soccer for the Americans) World Championship between Germany and Argentina. The location might ring a bell for Tina fans. It was at this very venue that Tina Turner performed a sold-out concert 26 years ago as part of her Break Every Rule tour. She performed in front of an audience over 180,000+ fans, at that time making it the largest crowd ever gathered for a rock concert by a single performer. It was also during her Break Every Rule tour that Tina made the transition from sports arenas and auditoriums to the world biggest stadiums and outdoor locations. And it was in 1989 that Tina recorded her own stadium anthem: ‘The Best’.

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TINA 75: the Tina Turner birthday fan party coming to Berlin

Tina Turner 75 age 2014

In previous years, a fan party in honor of Tina Turner’s birthday was organized in Amsterdam. Big news: this year, in honor of Tina’s 75th birthday, the party is moving to Berlin! TINA 75: the Tina Turner birthday fan party is a weekend organized by and for fans. From November 21 until November 23, fans from all over the world will take over Germany’s capital to celebrate the Queen of Rock’s 75th birthday. Will you join us?! For all the information, check out the party website. See you in Berlin!

The Vogue interview: “I need to re-invent myself”

Copyright Vogue Germany - vogue.de
Copyright Vogue Germany – vogue.de

The April issue of Vogue, with Tina Turner on the cover, hit the newsstands today in Germany. The photo shoot, with photos by Claudia Knoepfel and Stefan Indlekofer, shows Tina looking more vibrant and elegant than ever. In the interview, Tina looks back at her past success, but also to the future.

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Tina Turner: Vogue cover girl at 73! (Updated)

Tina Turner in German Vogue - April 2013

From the cover: “A comeback? I need to re-invent myself. […] Tina, more than a rock ‘n’ roll icon: Tina Turner (wearing Giorgio Armani) at 73 is a marvel of serenity and joy!” Tina Turner will be on the cover of the German edition of Vogue magazine in April 2013. The issue will be on sale starting Wednesday March 13. The article is called: “TINA – more than a Rock ‘n’ Roll icon: at 73, Tina Turner is a wonder of serenity and joy for life”.

First reactions to the cover inside the post.
Update: Full coverage of the interview here!

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The conception of Beyond – Newsage magazine 2009

Tina Turner featured on the cover of the September/October 2009 issue of the German spiritual magazine Newsage. Inside the magazine is a short article on the first Beyond album with Regula Curti and Dechen Shak-Dagsay. This was Tina’s first collaboration on a spiritual album, and the article features some interesting information on how this project came about! Continue reading to see the full article (in German) and an English translation. Thank you Michael for providing these scans!

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I Don’t Wanna Lose You, Thomas Gottschalk!

It appears that any time Tina Turner performs on German television, this guy is also there: Thomas Gottschalk. He is Germany’s most famous TV presenter, and he has introduced and interviewed Tina in a variety of shows, most notably several times on Wetten, Dass…? When Tina and Children Beyond appeared at the Ein Herz Für Kinder-gala last December in Berlin, Thomas was also there: his last job for TV channel ZDF.
The clip above is however from another program in the beginning of 1990. The program ‘Das Waren Die Achtziger’ looks back at the 1980’s, including a small tribute to Tina’s hit song We Don’t Need Another Hero. Tina however appears on the show to perform her, at that time, new single I Don’t Wanna Lose You from the Foreign Affair album.

February 19, 2009: Tina fighting Philip on stage in Mannheim, Germany

A very short, but funny, video of Tina Turner ‘punching’ her Ninja Philip Sahagun on stage during the band introductions of her concert in Mannheim, Germany on February 19, 2009. The four Ninja’s were performing their martial art skills during the costume changes on Tina’s last tour in 2008 and 2009. During the band introductions, Tina gave them the stage to show some tricks to the audience. This day, Tina herself decided she would join them with her acting skills, the result: a knock-out in round one! As Tina would say: just having fun! Big thank you to Lars who recorded this video.

Ike & Tina Turner – Bravo magazine – Germany – January 1, 1975

No experience is as exciting as a Tina Turner concert! This article in German magazine Bravo from 1975 proves this again. The beautiful color photos capture the energy and spectacle of Ike & Tina’s 1974 German tour. Continue reading for the whole article, plus translation from German. Thank you to Sidney for providing these scans!

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