12 Things You Learn From Listening To Tina Turner

Tina Turner - Whats Love

Listening to Tina Turner’s music isn’t just fun, games and dancing! You learn some important life lessons along the way. Inside this post the twelve most important things you can learn from listening to Tina. Find the answers to your must burning questions, such as: ‘who is doing what?’, ‘what about snuggling up in the back seat?’ and of course ‘what’s love got to do with?’!
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Tina Turner 2015 Calendar

Tina Turner - Calendar 2015 1

Order the new 2015 Tina Turner’s Calendar on Amazon now!

US: Order here on Amazon.com

UK: Order here on Amazon.co.uk

France: Commander ici sur Amazon.fr

Deutschland: Kaufen hier auf Amazon.de

More photos from Tina’s 2015 Calendar inside the post!

UPDATE: Problems with the links (linking to the wrong page) have been solved! Sorry for the kerfuffle! 

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Bowie singing at Tina’s wedding

A new upload on Youtube has been brought to our attention by our good friend Kerstin. Last year, David Bowie attended Tina Turner’s wedding to Erwin Bach on the banks of lake Zurich in the newlywed couple Chateau Algonquin. There, he performed a rather impromptu performance of  ‘Tonight’ and the Elvis classic ‘And I love You So’.  The band however was not present, as you can tell it’s a backing track. You can feel that Bowie in the company of his dear wife Iman was having a great time!


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Why Tina Turner’s ‘Love Thing’ Is Pretty Much Everything

Tina Turner - Love Thing Videoclip

Love Thing was the third single of Tina Turner’s 1991 compilation album Simply The Best. A hugely overlooked gem, here at The Tina Turner Blog we think that this song is among the best Tina did in the 1990’s (or in any decade for that matter). Inside this post, why we think Love Thing is… pretty much everything.

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Tina Turner Blog Interview: Bob Gruen

Back in November 2012, a new DVD entitled ‘Ike & Tina Turner On The Road: 1971-1972′ was released. The movie consists of footage shot by world-renowned rock photographer Bob Gruen and his wife Nadya while touring together with the Ike & Tina Turner revue in the early 1970’s. Bob and Nadya developed a close relationship with the duo, and the DVD features many candid on stage and off stage moments. The Tina Turner Blog had an exclusive interview with Bob Gruen about the dvd and his personal relationship with Ike and Tina. We never had mich time to edit the video interview but today, it’s finally here! Enjoy!


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In The Afterglow

In The Afterglow

Last week, a new commercial for Swisscom, a Swiss telecommunications provider, was released. Star of the promotional clip: Tina Turner. At first there was excitement: excitement about new footage of Tina looking youthful, energetic and happy. With Mrs Turner-Bach now officially retired, such a rare public appearance is usually cause for joy among fans. However, this initial excitement was partly overshadowed by disappointment. Disappointment mainly caused by a TV interview Tina gave to a Swiss news show in which she states that, in fact, she prefers to be inaccessible for her fans.

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Tina & Swisscom: Making Of

Tina Turner - Swisscom IO - Zurich, Switzerland - 2014
Behind the scenes of the new Swisscom app IO commercial with Tina Turner!


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Tina Goes Viral

(Foto: Fabian Kimoto)

(Photo: Fabian Kimoto)

In only a few days, the new Swisscom video commercial featuring Tina has reached 200,000 views and growing. Media worldwide made the video go viral. A very encouraging figure which, let assume, will make the campaign for the iO app a success. Will it lead to something else in the future in a more artistic way? Only time will tell…
Plus, here is a new interview with Tina (in German) posted today on the website Horizon.net!

Tina Turner - Swisscom 2014 IO App Interview

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“I Prefer Not To Be Reachable”

Tina gave an interview to Swiss magazine Blick about her life in Switzerland and being the new face for Swisscom app IO. The Queen of Rock tells us how much she loves living in Switzerland and why (even being the spokesperson for a communication app) she prefers not be reachable and accessible to her fans and the public. Tina Turner - Blick Interview 2014


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New Tina Turner Interview

Tina Turner  Schweizer Illustrierte 2014

Great News! Tina Turner is making the cover of this month issue of  Swiss magazine “Schweizer Illustrierte”. She gave the newspaper a new interview but the photo used are recycled from last year Vogue issue. Still, a very candid, fun Questions/Answers interview where Tina talks about her life in Switzerland, her house, music and being the new face for Swisscom app IO!

 Translation inside the post! Big thanks to Anja!

(C) Schweizer Illustrierte

(C) Schweizer Illustrierte – 2014

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