Tina turns the lights on

Tina Turner  Kusnacht November 2015 - 2.jpg

“Where is this button?”, asks the guest of honor asks laughing.                     (c) Bild: Sabine Rock

Remember last year when we wrote that Tina was offering Christmas decoration for her city Kusnacht, in Zurich’s neighborhood? Until then the Seestrass, were Tina lives, didn’t have any! But today,the Queen of Rock attended a little celebration with Kusnacht mayor Markus Ernst and turned on the decorations lights for this year which was followed by a “Wow” from that “unmistakable throaty voice”.  The Legend, nearly 76 looked radiant in black and we’re happy to see her looking so fine!

Tina was accompanied by her husband Erwin Bach who said goodbye on behalf of both with the words:

 We wish peace in the world at Christmas

We also wish everybody a peaceful Christmas next month, a joyful Thanksgiving and of course a very Happy Birthday to Tina!



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Birthday fan party in Berlin

Tina Turner Birthday Party 2016 - Dance Party

Tina Turner Birthday Party 2016 – Dance Party

Last year´s party was so good that we again decided to continue celebrating Tina Turner and her music in Berlin, Germany. TINA 76: the Tina Turner birthday fan party weekend, is part of a 6-year long tradition of parties in honor of Tina Turner. Do you like Tina Turner’s music? Have you seen her in concert, or wish you had? Do you know the Proud Mary choreography by heart? Then this is the party for you! From Friday November 27 until Sunday November 29, Tina Turner fans from all over the world will get together in Berlin, Germany in honor of the Queen of Rock’s 76th birthday. The main event will take place on Saturday: dancing to Tina’s music until the early morning at a private club in the “Prenzlauer Berg” district. Check out the Facebook Event!

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Hear The World – Win the Calendar 2016

Recently, the Hear The World Foundation published a calendar for 2016 with stars such as Tina Turner, Eros Ramazzotti, Léa Seydoux and Anastacia. They have all been photographed by Bryan Adams for the Hear the World calendar in the pose for conscious hearing. Captured with their hands cupped behind their ear, they help raise awareness about the importance of hearing and hearing loss.

You can now win a copy of the calendar by entering our contest. You only have to answer the question “How many children are born each year with significant hearing loss?” – and you can find the answer either in our recent post or in the video. Everyone who enters the competition will get a little surprise!

Tina Turner - Hear The World Calendar 2016

Tina Turner – Hear The World Calendar 2016

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Hear The World – A Calendar For A Good Cause

Under the theme “Combining good looks with a good cause: the 2016 Hear the World Calendar” Bryan Adams assembled stars like Tina Turner, Rosamund Pike, Naomi Harris or Anastacia in front of his camera lens and asked them to strike a pose for stunning portraits in support of disadvantaged children with hearing loss.
Each of the subjects of this beautiful series of black and white photographs adopt the familiar Hear the World pose that is synonymous with conscious hearing— one hand behind their ear— to help raise awareness of the importance of good hearing and the consequences of hearing loss.

You can order it here! EUR 35.00 / CHF 40.00 / USD 40.00 / BRL 80.00 (excluding shipping)

Tina Turner - Hear The World Calendar 2016 - June

Tina Turner – Hear The World Calendar 2016 – June

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Iconic Photos: The Rio 88 Cover Photo

In our series of iconic photos of Tina Turner we focus today on a photo which also happens to be the cover photo of the Rio 88 concert release, the show which brought her the world record of the biggest crowd ever assembled for a single performer, namely 182,000 people. It is another live famous shot where you can find all the ingredients that are so famous for her stage persona. Our in-depth analysis will cover everything from head to toe…

Tina Turner Rio 88

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GoldenEye – 20 Years

Tina Turner - GoldenEye - Releases

Tina Turner – GoldenEye – Releases

Although James Bond could never age or be younger and older until Daniel Craig took over but even the biggest hits age but they hopefully age with dignity and perform even better like good wine from the South of France – or wherever you order your wine from. “GoldenEye”, the massive hit single for Tina Turner and the James Bond merchandise turns 20 in October 2015 and we can only compare it with the above-mentioned red wine. It aged with honor and dignity and can now be seen as one of the great James Bond songs and surely a signature hit for Tina Turner.

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The 1987 Posters That Survived

We always knew that Tina Turner is a survivor, a Soul Survivor even who sang  “I Might Have Been Queen” down in far-away Egypt on the river Nile cracking criminal cases with Hercule Poirot. But halt! There is yet another river, a small but important river in Germany, the river Ruhr which is also the name given to Germany´s most populated agglomeration with 5 million inhabitants: the Ruhr Region (or “Ruhrgebiet” in German). And it is exactly there where one of the biggest miracles in show business advertising or at least in the realm of live concerts marketing could be seen: Tour Posters advertising shows in 1987 hanging and hanging under a highway bridge for an eternity. According to an informant who lives nearby: everything is now history – but not forgotten because we are about to tell you about the Tina Turner 1987 tour posters which simply survived year after year under that highway bridge until the years piled up to nearly 3 decades.

Tina Turner 1987 Posters Herne

Tina Turner 1987 Posters Herne

Survival of the Fittest (Poster)

You could say that the Ruhrgebiet was actually soaked with Tina Turner in the 80s. No wonder then that the following story could unfold only here – the story of the posters which survived for 30 years and now even have their own Facebook page!.

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“Undisputable Rock’N’Roller” in HD

Tina Turner -Root-Toot-Undisputable-Rockn-Roller

Out from the Rough album which was Tina’s first solo album after her 1976 split with husband Ike Turner. Her first two solo albums, Tina Turns the Country On! (1974) and Acid Queen (1975), were recorded while she was still married to Ike Turner and also a member of the Ike and Tina Turner Revue.

“Root Toot Undisputable Rock’N’Roller” was the third single out of the album and Tina performed this song on several TV shows in Europe and America. “Night Time Is The Right Time“ from the b-side was already recorded by Ike & Tina, but not released until 1991 on the CD “Good Old Times“.

Here is Tina performing the song on ZDF’s Kultnacht in 1979 for the first time in HD on Youtube!


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Tina Turner 2015 Heritage Days

tina turner heritage days 2015

The annual Tina Turner Heritage Days took place once again last weekend at the West Tennessee Delta Heritage Center where the Tina Turner museum is located. A great success once again and the occasion for fans worldwide to celebrate the legacy of the Queen of Rock. Tina’s personal assistant Rhonda Graam was again a part of the celebrations and graciously answered questions from fans. Watch the video of the Q&A session below  thanks to Eric!

Moreover, here is a few words from organizer Sonia Outlaw-Clark about this year weekend:

I am always amazed at how our Tina Turner Heritage Days feels so much like a family reunion. No one is a stranger here, Everyone has their love of Tina in common and that’s enough to make you an instant member of the “family.” And each year we grow and welcome new family members, which is great.

It was the fans who said four years ago that “we want to come to Brownsville and do a fan celebration.” This was just after the school had been moved to the Delta Heritage Center. I’m so glad I listened to them. Those who came then have continued to come back and also help plan each year, so this really is a fan driven effort and I am just thrilled that I get to be a part of it.

I think my favorite part is on Friday when everyone starts arriving. It’s so nice to see the hugs and hellos. Friday night is very informal, which gives everyone a chance to mingle and learn more about each other. And, of course there is live music and karaoke, so everyone who wants to can share their favorite Tina impersonations and dance moves. You can spend as much time as they like in the Tina Turner Museum, and if you’ve never tried salt pork and molasses, here’s your chance…. along with some other regional foods.

Saturday is tours and Tina tribute show. Getting to have lunch with Rhonda and ask her questions was a huge highlight of this year’s event. I think it went well and that everyone enjoyed it.

Next year’s date is Sept. 23-25. The organizers hope everyone who can will start making plans now to be here. New “family” members are always welcome … plus you’ll have a great time!

You can already join the FB page for the 2016 celebrations!


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Tina’s Cassette Singles – A Retrospective

Tina Turner - Cassette Singles

Tina Turner – Cassette Singles

Back in 1980 the first cassette single (or “cassingle” if you would like to use a cool and hype (hype in the 80´s, we should mention that for your own safety) saw the day of light with Bow Wow Wow´s „C30, C60, C90, Go!“ being released in the UK. With such an unusual title it was surely no wonder that the CS was not even half-way as successful as the CD single. Tina Turner also released quite a few of her singles on magnetic tape, and the nearly the full history of the cassette single can be explored just by examining these cassettes.

Old version of the article: Only the better part of the 80s are missing – or at least we could not find any cassette singles for the albums „Private Dancer“ and „Break Every Rule“. So, in case you store them secretly in your collection don´t be shy and share that knowledge in the comments section. As you will see, we already found more but the call for help better remains in the article…you never know what to expect…maybe unknown tracks as secret B-sides…?

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