It’s a hit and it’s Simply The Best! TINA, The Musical is getting more and more successful by the day and with a lot of news developing lately, it’s time from a closer look!


Still being in previews and after only 8 performances, TINA The Musical is buzzing on Broadway! Forbes write:

Despite her lack of interest in being any kind of cultural symbol, Tina Turner has casually become one of Broadway’s hottest draws. The musical retelling her life, imaginatively titled Tina – The Tina Turner Musical, grossed over $1.3 million in its first week of performances.

Playing to full capacity for the entire week and with an average price ticket at 134$, this early success augurs well for the future of the show and its opening night on November 7th. Moreover, it was confirmed last night on Dutch TV that Miss Tina Turner will attend the Premiere of the show!


On the other side of the Atlantic, the success of TINA, Das Musical in Hamburg has been phenomenal! Receiving great reviews and with a pack house every night, rumour has it that the show will be transferred to Stuttgart sometime next year! Not sure yet if there will be two shows running at the same time in Germany or if it means the end for the Hamburg run but whatever happens, the future seems pretty bright for TINA, Das Musical!


Big wheels keep on turning for TINA, The Musical in London! Over 200,000 new tickets were released for sale last month, extending the show to June 2020 so far. Plus, the Original Cast Recording of the musical featuring Adrienne Warren was finally released on physical CD! Get it here!

Furthermore, the show has received 4 nominations at the Black British Theatre Award including Best Musical Production and Best Actor for Kobna Holdbrook-Smith. Congratulations!


Last but not least: The Netherlands! Small country but huge appetite for Tina! Yesterday, the name of the lucky girl who had been chosen to play the Queen Of Rock in TINA, De Musical was revealed to the people! And it’s a great joy to see the lovely Nyassa Alberta leaving Germany to reprise her role as Tina for the Dutch audience! The show will open in February 2020 in Utrecht and tickets are already available on TINA De Musical website!

13 Replies to “TINA Rocks The Musicals”

    1. I attended the musical Saturday, October 29 in New York City . It was the best musical I have ever seen. I loved it and will be going again .


    1. Ce serait génial mais j’ai peu d’espoir qu’elle soit adaptée à Paris… Mais! ‘Stage Entertainment’ qui produit le musical possède le théâtre Mogador, donc il n’est pas tout à fait impossible que ça arrive un jour!


  1. I just saw this show on Broadway!!
    It was absolutely wonderful!!!
    I got my ticket several minutes months in advance; I am so glad I did!
    Just a great evening!!

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  2. Oh Yeah! Tina has been my Favorite Idol 😘 since the Sixties and She still is. Saw Her in Helsinki Finland for about ten years ago. She was great😃
    All The Best Tina!
    Wfg Anto 1949


  3. I saw Tina-the Musical in London May 2018 and what a show, the cast were fantastic..I have seen Tina in concert many times and read both biographies. I send my love and best wishes to all of the Tina’s of this great musical and hope everyone in the world could get to see this wonderful show…. So slip those dancing shoes on.. Its all to dance in the aisles for… Xx 😁 👍 ❤️

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  4. Simply the best musical I ever had the honor to see. Tina the musical had a stunning cast. My family who are French enjoyed it so much and were thrilled to learn all about the TINA Turner we admire & love. Brava to a fantastic cast. Tina Turner will be proud. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟


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