The English version of Tina’s new book entitled ‘Happiness Becomes You’ is now available in English! The book is already a best-seller in Germany and until I receive my physical copy, I’ll spend the next 4h hours with Adrienne Warren, TINA on Broadway, who is narrating the book! Order yours now!

Plus TINA recently gave an interview about the new book to the website Haute Living! An interesting read which ends with a fun association of words in relation with Tina’s hits:

HL: ‘What’s Love Got to Do with It?
TINA: Everything, when it’s real.

HL: ‘The Best.
TINA: The power of authenticity.

HL: ‘Help.
TINA: The power of vulnerability.

HL: ‘Proud Mary.
TINA: Freedom.

HL: ‘Private Dancer.
TINA: Dreams come true.

HL: We Don’t Need Another Hero.
TINA: Self-reliance.

HL: River Deep—Mountain High.
TINA: Never give up.

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