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A Pale Moon In The Sky

Tina Turner - I Don't Wanna Fight No More -1993.jpg

Back in the summer of 1993, Tina Turner was touring the USA & Canada, helping promoting the biopic movie ‘What’s Love Got To Do With It’ and its soundtrack. She would also tour a few cities in Europe and in Australia later that year, along with a new appearance at the National Rugby League and re-recording her classic tune (Simply) The Best with Australian Rocker Jimmy Barnes.  One of the many highlights of this tour would be the memorable appearance of Ayrton Senna on stage with Tina in Adelaide: An enormous crowd, Tina blasting ‘The Best’ and the legendary Brazilian racing driver totally under the charme and taken by the energy of the rock star. Senna would die in tragic circumstances a few months later in Imola, Italy.

And if there’s one song in particular that stands out from the others back in those days, it is, undoubtedly, ‘I Don’t Want To Fight (No More)‘. One of Tina’s latest success in the US, the song penned by Lulu fits Tina’s life perfectly and her (too rare) live performances of this song are always captivating, subtle and strong, the song gives hope and reminds us that’s there’s always a tomorrow. Stop focusing on the past and your sorrows, there will always be a pale moon in the sky, the kind you make your wishes on…

The first video is an edited version of Tina’s performance on the set of Australian TV show ‘Hey Hey It’s Saturday’. The original performance was lip synched version of I Don’t Wanna Fight, I have replaced the audio with a live performance of the song recorded in Saratoga Springs, USA back in July 1993.

The second video is mix of various performances of ‘I Don’t Wanna Fight’ and the audio comes from Tina’s concert in Luneburg recorded live in September 1993. Enjoy!

The Nutbush Dance

Tina Turner - Nutbush City Limits Live 1996

Tina Turner isn’t really recognized for being a songwriter but, if it was her style, she could easily brag about writing one of the most epic Rock’N’Roll song in music history putting her hometown of Nutbush on the map. Recorded at Bolic Sound and released in June 1973 the song would be one of the last success of Ike & Tina. Since then, it has been covered by memorable rockers, inspired a dance routine in Australia, and the lil old town in Tennessee that never left the setlist of Tina’s concerts still attracts today fans from around the globe.

Back in 1980,  Australian Rock band AC/DC was looking for new leading singer, Brian Johnson auditioned for the band in London playing ‘Whole Lotta Rosie’ and ‘Nutbush City Limits’. If comparison with Mick Jagger are legions, looking at live performances of Brian Johnson, the way he moves and sings, you can’t help thinking about notable influences from Tina once again but once again, they were never really mentioned. Anyway they hired him as their lead singer and history was made!

American Rock legend Bob Seger also made Nutbush his own and performed the song for many years during his live shows. On May 30th 1976 , Bob Seger’s covered version of “Nutbush City Limits” entered Billboard’s Hot Top 100 chart at position #84; the following week it would be at #73, then on its 3rd and 4th week on the chart at moved to #69, that would be its peak position on the Top 100 and its 4th week on the chart was its last.

Australia, birth country of Tina’s longtime manager and friend Roger Davies has always been very good and faithful to the Queen of Rock. From tours during the ‘Pre -Private Dancer Era’ to massive concerts and promo for the National Rugby League, the Aussies have always showed tremendous excitement for Tina. And they still do today through what is known there as the ‘Nutbush Dance’! The dance is inspired by Tina’s famous dance steps and is a dance categorized as a line dance. The steps are fairly simple, such that one who does not know them can generally pick them up by watching other dancers. A key in the song and dance being a popular combination is that the song has a moderately long introduction before the strong dance beat starts, which allows people who are sitting down to get up and to the dance floor and for all dancers to assemble themselves in a grid!

Remember that time when G20 police officers in Brisbane, Australia accepted ‘The Nutbush’ dance challenge and bust out some impressive moves in unison with Tina’s classic blaring in the background?

Two years ago, on November 29th 2015,  in Horsham City, Australia,  254 people set a new World Record for ‘Nutbush Dance’,  dancing for over 5 minutes and 15 seconds , the youngest dancer was six, the oldest ninety years of age!

Every last weekend of September, Tina Turner Heritage Days are held in Nutbush at the Delta Heritage Center where the TINA Museum stands proudly. Wouldn’t it be great to see the ultimate ‘Nutbush Dance’ happening there?! That would sure look amazing to see coming in the future and until then the last words are for Tina (‘as usual’) with this news upload from 1996 of the Queen energizing performance of Nutbush City Limits in Frankfurt, Germany including an entertaining, must see, sing along with (some longtime) fans! Enjoy!

Mad Max Behind Thunderdome: on set with Aunty Entity

Late 1984, early 1985, in the middle of Australian summer, Tina Turner was filming the movie Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, alongside Mel Gibson. She performed the role of Aunty Entity. It was Tina’s childhood dream to become a movie star: aged 45 she realized that dream. The movie was recorded in the scorching heat of the Australian desert: people passed out on the set. However, Tina enjoyed every single second of it: she has often referred to this experience as one of the most enjoyable of her career. Continue reading for some on set photos of Aunty Entity in full attire!

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Tina Turner – live on Hey Hey It’s Saturday – Australia – 1997

Today is the one year anniversary of our blog, and for this special occasion, we would like to share these electrifying performances of Tina Turner on the Australian TV-show Hey Hey It’s Saturday, back in 1997. Tina was on the show to promote her Wildest Dreams album and the Australian leg of the Wildest Dreams tour. She sings three songs: Goldeneye, Let’s Stay Together and Proud Mary, and is joined by her full live band. Continue reading for the videos of these amazing live performances. Furthermore, we would like to thank all our visitors for the support for this blog over the past year. We hope to continue bringing you the latest Tina news, and the best classics from our archives, for many years to come!

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Tina Turner – A Current Affair tv interview – Australia – 1993

A 1993 tv interview on the Australian show A Current Affair, for the promotion for Tina Turner’s 1993 album, movie and tour What’s Love Got To Do With It. During the interview, Tina is confronted with footage of an earlier interview with her ex-husband Ike Turner, which creates an uncomfortable atmosphere. However, Tina manages to get through the interview gracefully, simply explaining ‘I don’t want to start an argument with Ike Turner via satellite’. Very interesting interview!

December 15, 1984: Tina performs in Melbourne, Australia

27 years ago today, Tina Turner performed a concert in Melbourne, Australia at the Hilton hotel. This concert marked the end of her 1984 Private Dancer tour. Due to the unexpected success of the Private Dancer album, Tina was still playing at small venues that had been booked before her big comeback. In 1985, her Private Dancer world tour would continue, this time in large, sold-out arenas accross Europe and the United States. In this post you will find two songs from this concert from an excellent soundboard recording! Continue to listen to the songs.

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Tina Turner – Australian tour book – 1977

Below, you will find a tour book from Tina Turner’s tour of Australia in 1977. This was one of Tina’s first solo ventures after her break from Ike, even before she had recorded her first real solo album. She played a show of mostly Ike & Tina classics and covers, in a cabaret-style complete with extravagant Bob Mackie outfits. A big thanks goes out to Marcin for these scans!

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