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Thunder Dame

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TINA about Mad Max shooting:

‘But I learned a lot, and I loved working with Melvin. He hates that name, but that’s what I call him, because he reminds me so much of one of my sons. He also reminds me my Ikettes’

Tina Turner featured on the cover of the July 1985 issue of US magazine ‘People’. A fun and candid interview where Tina talks about her comeback, the release of the upcoming Mad Max movie, her life with Ike and how it feels to be single at 44 and much more.

Screen Entity

Mad Max Thunderdome - Tina Turner - Shooting on Location 1985 9

By Ben – Tina Turner is known throughout the world, blog’s stats can attest that there’s not a single country in the world that doesn’t know her. To most people, she is seen as a bigger than life singer with an unparalleled career. But despite her massive success and what one could perceive as an incredible achievement, Turner often stated that what really attracted her was acting. But not acting just for the sack of being on a big screen no, acting to impersonate a (strong) character, to entertain audience in action, adventure movies. Offers came but not one that would fit Tina’s own vision of a movie star. Who can say no Spielberg? Turner did. Hooker parts? Keep them for yourself! Tina wants to be Grace Jones in Conan the Destroyer, a charismatic villain…

The first footage of Tina Turner on a theater screen goes back to 1970 and her incendiary performance of Otis Redding’s ‘I’ve Been Loving You Too Long” filmed during the Rolling Stones legendary documentary “Gimme Shelter”. However her first appearance as a character would arrive five years later and what other part than a Queen…

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Tina Turner & the Handreader


If you have you ever dreamed of watching Tina Turner performing “Steamy Windows“, “You can’t stop me loving You”, smoking a  ‘silly broken cigar’, having a hand reading by a woman, being assaulted by a horde of fans and flowers well… There you got it!!

From the vault and back in 1989 for the promotion of her Foreign Affair World Tour  on Swiss Tv show “Grell pastell” with Kurt Aeschbacher , Tina Turner appears very relaxed, talking about shooting Mad Max ‘Beyond Thunderdome’, the presenter is good, everything is in english (translated by the presenter, no voice over).

Oh and we let you judge of the handreader performance. Lots of screenshots inside the post! Enjoy!

Duration: 19 min.

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So we meet again, raggedy man!

Tina Turner - Mad Max comes to Blu-Ray

We meet again, raggedy man, and in high-definition this time! Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, starring Tina Turner in her first and only major motion picture role, is coming to Blu-Ray the beginning of June. The movie is the final of the cult science fiction trilogy starring Mel Gibson as a rogue police agent in the post-apocalyptic world, while Tina takes on the role of Aunty Entity, ruler of Bartertown.

Earlier this year, What’s Love Got To Do With, the movie based on Tina’s life story, was already released on Blu-Ray; for reasons unknown thus far only in Australia. With Tina’s movie career now pretty much covered in high-definition, we are still waiting to experience the thrill of her concerts in crystal clear quality. Open those vaults, Mr. Davies!

Pre-order Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome now at Amazon USA, Germany, or even the whole trilogy at Amazon UK.

Mad Max Behind Thunderdome: on set with Aunty Entity

Late 1984, early 1985, in the middle of Australian summer, Tina Turner was filming the movie Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, alongside Mel Gibson. She performed the role of Aunty Entity. It was Tina’s childhood dream to become a movie star: aged 45 she realized that dream. The movie was recorded in the scorching heat of the Australian desert: people passed out on the set. However, Tina enjoyed every single second of it: she has often referred to this experience as one of the most enjoyable of her career. Continue reading for some on set photos of Aunty Entity in full attire!

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Tina Turner – Mad Max movie magazine – 1985

Below are scans taken from Austrian movie magazine Neuer Filmkurier in September 1985 on the movie Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, in which Tina Turner starred as Aunty Entity, together with Mel Gibson. The magazine offers background information on the movie, unfortunately (for some of us), it is written in German. A big thank you to Hans for providing the magazine for us to scan!

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