August 15 – Performing on Solid Gold TV-show with Dionne Warwick – USA

September 30 – Concert at The Ritz – New York, NY, USA

October 1 – Concert at The Ritz – New York, NY, USA
October 3 – Performing on Saturday Night Live with Rod Stewart – New York, NY, USA

November 5 – Concert at Brendan Byrne Arena – East Rutherford, NJ, USA * – 1
November 6 – Concert at Brendan Byrne Arena – East Rutherford, NJ, USA * – 1
November 7 – Concert at Brendan Byrne Arena – East Rutherford, NJ, USA * – 1

December 19 – Performing with Rod Stewart at LA Forum – Los Angeles, CA, USA

* Opening act for the Rolling Stones


15 responses to “1981

  1. paul

    hello there
    I think missing one date here which tina perform in december 1981 in poland one concert …

  2. Marcin

    Tina played 3 shows in poland, one in warsaw & 2x katowice.

  3. Marcin

    Warsaw 03.12.1981

  4. paul

    yes but not sure if was two or 3 show only i know that was two shows one in katowice and one in warsaw…and all of them in december between 1-12 december i got some two fotos of one these shows and might get some more later …waiting only for some info from one of mine informators…

  5. Tinaroo

    Probably the shows in Poland must have been connected with the well known show in Praga she did that year. Anyone knows the date?

  6. Tinaroo

    Her appearance at teh Solid Gold Show, when she sang Proud Mary along with Dionne Warwick, was aired on 8/15/1981.

  7. Tinaroo

    There is an information about 1980. Tina performed “Are you breaking my heart” on the 23rd November at Countdown. Here is the link to the info: http://70scountdown.50megs.com/list80.htm

  8. Tinaroo

    Hi, friends, one more date: May 7, 1981 at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in New York City, New York. There is a photo of Tina and Grace Jones, who is said to have attended the show.

  9. tommystar

    According to this website: http://lovetinaturner.blogspot.hu/2008/12/tina-live-in-warsaw-11121981-mega-rare.html
    The Warsaw concert was on 11 December.

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  11. Patryk

    And the Warsaw concert date seems to be 3.12.1981 (not 11.12.1981)…

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  13. Aleksander

    18. mars, Fairmont Hotel (USA)
    3. april, Country Club (USA)
    4. april, Country Club (USA)
    24. april, University of Washington (USA)
    7. mai, The Ritz (USA)
    8. mai, The Ritz (USA)
    9. mai, The Ritz (USA)
    10. mai, Camden (USA)
    10. august, Billy Bobs Texas (USA)
    30. august, Riviera Hotel (USA)
    14. september, Fairmont Hotel (USA)
    15. september, Fairmont Hotel (USA)
    16. september, Fairmont Hotel (USA)
    17. september, Fairmont Hotel (USA)
    18. september, Fairmont Hotel (USA)
    19. september, Fairmont Hotel (USA)
    20. september, Fairmont Hotel (USA)
    21. september, Fairmont Hotel (USA)
    22. september, Fairmont Hotel (USA)
    23. september, Fairmont Hotel (USA)
    24. september, Fairmont Hotel (USA)
    25. september, Fairmont Hotel (USA)
    26. september, Fairmont Hotel (USA)
    28. september, The Ritz (USA)
    29. september, The Ritz (USA)
    30. september, The Ritz (USA)
    1. oktober, The Ritz (USA)
    2. oktober, The Ritz (USA)
    3. oktober, The Ritz (USA)
    19. oktober, Fairmont Hotel (USA)
    20. oktober, Fairmont Hotel (USA)
    21. oktober, Fairmont Hotel (USA)
    22. oktober, Fairmont Hotel (USA)
    23. oktober, Fairmont Hotel (USA)
    24. oktober, Fairmont Hotel (USA)
    26. oktober, Fairmont Hotel (USA)
    27. oktober, Fairmont Hotel (USA)
    28. oktober, Fairmont Hotel (USA)
    29. oktober, Fairmont Hotel (USA)
    30. oktober, Fairmont Hotel (USA)
    31. oktober, Fairmont Hotel (USA)
    5. november, Brendan Byrne Arena (USA)
    6. november, Brendan Byrne Arena (USA)
    7. november, Brendan Byrne Arena (USA)
    3. desember, Sala Kongresowa (Polen)
    4. desember, Spodek (Polen)
    5. desember, Palác Lucerna Velký Sál. (Tsjekkia)
    11. desember, Northstage Concert Hall (USA)
    12. desember, The Ritz (USA)
    19. desember, Forum (USA)

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