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The Big “Private Dancer” – Parade

Tina Turner - Private Dancer 2014Maybe you have heard about the releasometer, the latest invention of the old-world brick-and-mortar music industry where record companies actually sold records and not playlists. And in that outdated world, you used to be bombarded with various releases of albums incl. different covers (that is the house in which the record used to live because it could not survive on a hard drive alone), B-sides (that used to be tracks from the other side of the record´s children, the LP singles and maxi singles which again were the bigger brothers of the LP single…), and maybe unreleased tracks (ah, finally something our young readers know!). Well, back to the core of our subject: with that releasometer, you can measure how famous an album was because there was the following rule of thumb: “The more releases the more famous”.

And guess what, “Private Dancer” is preeeeetty famous because it scored very well on the releasometer. Read here, how well it scored, and we can only hope that it will score even better in the future.

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Love Songs from a Soul Survivor


Perfectly in time for Valentine´s Day, soon-to-be fans of Tina Turner will be delighted to find a new entry point to the works of this soul survivor: the new best-of collection titled “Love Songs”. The CD is fully packed with its 18 tracks – some of them even needed to be edited/shortened so that the CD can host all of these 18 love songs.

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Contest: Win New Tina Turner ‘Love Songs’ CD (Closed)

Tina Turner - Love Songs - CD 2014

Get Lucky on The Tina Turner Blog! Not only we turned 3 years old very recently, but today, Feb 4th 2014, is also the day that Tina Turner new compilation ‘Love Songs’ hit the shelves worldwide! To celebrate the occasion, we are very happy to announce that we can give away FIVE new ‘Love Songs’ CD by Tina Turner.  These prizes are offered courtesy of Warner Music Group (Rhino) in charge of promoting the album.

The contest is now closed, you can no longer participate. The winners have been drawn.

UK: Order Tina Turner’s Love Songs Here.  
USA: Order Tina Turner’s Love Songs Here.
FRANCE: Acheter Tina Turner’s Love Songs Ici.
GERMANY: Kaufen Tina Turner’s Love Songs Hier.

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6 reasons to celebrate Tina Turner in 2014

Picture ©

Picture ©

Since this blog is called Tina Turner Blog well maybe we have to talk to you a bit about Tina Turner’s new release.That’s right, a new release!  Well according to Parlophone…  Because of course, there’s nothing new about this new “Love Song” compilation, even not the cover.  No new songs or previously unreleased tracks, just classics put together to sell a couple of cd’s on Valentine’s Day. And don’t expect 74-year old Turner to make any promotional appearances in support of the album, as she is “happily retired” from the music business according to her spokesperson.

So, until something more relevant comes from Mr Roger Davies & Parlophone, we thought we might refresh their memories with 6 reasons (there’s probably a thousand more) why Tina should be celebrated in 2014. Continue reading


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14 of Tina Turner’s stage outfits that will rock your world

Mad Max (2009)

Singer, dancer – but Tina is first and foremost a great performer. And a great performer needs a great stage outfit. During her career, Tina Turner has worked with the world’s most renowned fashion designers: Giorgio Armani, Gianni Versace, Bob Mackie, Azzedine Alaia, just to name a few. Below, a selection of fourteen of Tina’s most sparkly, outrageous, extravagant and rock ‘n’ roll stage outfits that are designed to blow the audience away. Beyoncé: be inspired!

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“Pretty Much Everything”

Tina Turner live in Dublin O2 - (c) Ingrid K.

Tina Turner live in Dublin O2 – (c) Ingrid K.

What a nice surprise yesterday when we received an email alert from the Huffington Post where Megan Mayer published a funny article about our blog’s Twitter account. Since then we gained a lot of new followers including US magazine Variety and the New York Observer . Big up to Jamie who is in charge of feeding the beast lately!
Now don’t forget to also join 6,700 other folks on YouTube and subscribe to our channel. And of course if you are on Facebook, join our fan page where (nearly) 40,000 other followers are waiting for you. Finally, if you want to make sure to get the latest news about Tina Turner as it arrives, simply enter your e-mail address at the bottom of this page and voila.

That was pretty much everything… for the moment.
Ben and Sjef.


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5 times Tina Turner made headlines in 2013

Tina Turner - Beyond 2013

What a year: a wedding, a Vogue cover, an interview with Oprah Winfrey and several other appearances. Not a bad Tina Turner year for us fans… Maybe too much to remember: therefore recap of all the Tina moments you shouldn’t have missed in 2013.

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10 times Tina Turner showed the world that age is just a number

Happy birthday Tina!

Today, Tina Turner celebrates her 74th birthday! During her life, she has shown the world over and over again that age however, is just a number. In this post, we take a look at 10 moments when Tina Turner proved that she was, is, and will always remain, the ageless queen of rock music. Happy birthday Tina – thanks for the inspiration!

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Tina Turner 2014 Calendar

Tina Turner 2014 Calendar

Fantastic new Tina Turner 2014 Calendar! Order it on

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News from Beyond

Tina Turner - Zurich 2013

In 2014, after Beyond and Children Beyond, the new Beyond album ‘Beyond, Love Within’ will see the light of the day! Tina Turner is once again a part of the project and will put her vocals on a few tracks. Until then, here is a brand new photo of Tina and the Beyond team in the studio in Zurich! Miss Turner looks fantastic don’t you think?

BUY ‘BEYOND’ on Amazon! Click here!
BUY ‘CHILDREN BEYOND’ On Amazon! Click here!


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