Tina Turner- TINA 76- 2015 Birthday Party
“You were so good – we have to do it again”!

The party in 2014 was so good that we again decided to continue celebrating Tina Turner and her music in Berlin, Germany. Please use our Facebook Group to interact with other TT fans and party people and check out our website created especially for the party where you can find answers to all your questions like:

  • Where will the big party be held?
  • Which hotels do you recommend?
  • How can I discover Berlin from a Tina Turner perspective?
  • What happened in the past?

This event is organized by fans (from the “T.T Family”) and for fans all around Europe and the rest of the world.
Everyone is welcome. And before anyone asks (it happens every year), Miss Tina will of course not attend the event! Mr & Mrs Bach are certainly relieved that once again the fans are partying far away from them!  😉

Check out the trailer for this year party!
Video by Ben

Download “Hold On To What You Got” (Remix) Here!

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