Today marks the fourth anniversary of Tina Turner‘s last concert ever – May 5, 2009 in Sheffield, England. The show marked the end of her 6-month, 90-date, 50th Anniversary Tour. The tour was Tina’s first tour in 8 years, and saw her playing in sold-out arenas across Europe and North America. The last show featured some very special moments, in this post recalled by some fans who were fortunate to have attended this historical evening.

Tina Turner - Sheffield, UK - May 5, 2009 (14)

Tina is not the person for nostalgia. Therefore, her final concert wasn’t a special event with guest stars in a historic location, but rather a ‘business as usual’-show on a weekday in Sheffield. The show was actually postponed from March, when Tina fell ill with the flu. However, in many ways the show was ‘special’. Tina was all smiles during the evening. During ‘The Best’, the whole arena was lit in colorful lights, distributed to the fans before the shows. During the band introductions, Tina’s ninja performed a special strip act, and local girl Clare (dance captain) was honored by Tina. And while for the star evening, the relief that the grueling tour was brought to a good end probably dominated the sadness of the end, it was an overall emotional evening. Laurel and Angelique who were present that night, about their experiences.

Tina Turner - Sheffield, UK - May 5, 2009 (10)

Angelique: “I was there on the twelfth of March, the original date of her concert. She had to postpone that concert because of the flu. When I heard the news about the postponement I was sad. But, as Ingrid said: ‘when you’re ill, you’re ill!’. I was happy though to find out that I could be at her second attempt in Sheffield, and even better: I would be at her final show!”

Laurel: “Tina’s Sheffield concert was amazing in more ways than I can count. To be privileged enough to see Tina’s ‘last’ concert would have been more than I could have dreamed of. But to be there with some of the most awesome people in the world AND sitting right on the front row, was almost overwhelming.”

Tina Turner - Sheffield, UK - May 5, 2009 (11)Angelique: “From the beginning of the concert until her last words on stage; it is almost impossible to describe what you feel. It sure was the grand finale, in every way.  Hearing Tina say the words ‘it’s closing night’. The torchlights during The Best, which were a surprise for Tina, she seemed really touched. Justice tearing his shirt apart on stage. The special attention for Clare Turton, with the show taking place in her hometown. And me catching Ninja Philip’s ‘security-cap’.”

Laurel: “One part of the show that stands out in my mind was when she sang Happy Birthday to Justice and he did his little striptease by taking off his shirt. I think he surprised all of us with that one! Elle and I brought hundreds of ‘Thank You’ signs to be held up at a certain time. Everybody on stage, including Tina, really seemed to love them. Also, the flashlights that were handed out as we walked in were fun – another surprise for Tina and even the band and the girls!”

Tina Turner - Sheffield, UK - May 5, 2009 (17)

Laurel: “I wasn’t looking forward to the end of the concert; it is always hard to say goodbye to so many wonderful friends from all over the world. I had done this once before at her ‘final’ concert in Anaheim (in 2000), but somehow this time Tina seemed more determined to retire than before. Throughout the entire concert I was wishing I could have shared every moment with every single friend/fan who wasn’t able to be there. I have beautiful memories to last a lifetime. To this day I still grin from ear to ear when I think back at that ‘supah’ night!”

Angelique: “When you know the end of the show is there; to hear Tina sing ‘Nutbush – no more times’ and the last song Be Tender With Me, Baby; it made me a little emotional, but happy too. Happy, because I had the opportunity to see Tina so many times. I can truly say from the bottom of my heart that I am really happy that, because of Tina, I have met so many people, who now are my friends. And this last tour, not only Sheffield, is one, marked by memories I will never forget.”

Video: Highlights from Tina Turner’s last concert in Sheffield – By Ben

Special thanks to Angelique, Marcin and Laurel for the reviews, photos and videos.

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52 Replies to “TINA’s Final Curtain Call”

  1. I was there on the front row. Sheffield is my home town (but I now live in Darlington) and it was a very special night. I was also on the front row in Manchester twice on this tour, I have some fantastic photos and memories that I will treasure forever. I lived my dream being on the front row for my idol Tina Turner and one day I hope to meet her. Tina was and still is simply the best.


    1. Hey Faye, this is great! Must have been fantastic to enjoy Tina that close on her finale night of the tour. Looking at the footage to create the video montage, she seemed to be on fire, giving everything for her last concert and really looking forward to finally rest! I hope you’ll have the opportunity to meet her someday!
      Thanks for your comment!


  2. Yes it was special night. Tina looked so happy and relaxed. I was crying when She was singing nutbush no more times. I loved the lights during the best, Tina looked very suprised and happy. First part of the show went as normal, but during the second part you could feel that this is over. Still great memories from the tour!


    1. Haha poor Marcin, i guess hearing Nutbush no more times must be have been quite a shock even being aware of the countdown she was doing on the song for several nights! Anyway, guess we’ll keep in mind the fantastic memories of the tour for a long time!
      Thanks for commenting Marcin xx


  3. How fun to relive such a wonderful night! Love the video compilation – was fun seeing my husband’s head in so many of the shots :). Thanks guys. Once again you’ve done a great job


  4. Damn, even being a “je ne regrette rien” kind of person, I really regret I never ever have seen her on stage, and mostly that I have missed this special last show. Great to read that it was a great last show for the fans, and for Tina herself.


    1. You can’t undo the past but we hope this article brought you a bit of the atmosphere that was reigning in Sheffield that special evening.
      Thanks for your comment Lousina!
      Non rien de rien, non je ne regrette rien…


    2. Such a shame, i cannot believe you have not seen Tina Live.!, I am lucky enough to have seen her 3 times, including the London Wembley Stadium, ( before it was knocked down and a new one built ), Simply the Best.!


  5. I attended just one show in Vienna (7/2/2009), which was a great show too. Only thing I regret I was by myself there, It was the first and the last time I saw Tina live. 😦


    1. Well i guess some people would be more than happy to have enjoyed Tina Turner live in concert once. So don’t regret anything, at least you saw her live 😉
      Thanks for your comment Jozef!


  6. Thank you for sharing these memories for those of us who did not make this ‘final’ show. Sounds like it was excellent, as expected. I soooooo wish I had been there, but as said above, no point in having regrets. Is there a place/link you can share to purchase memorabilia from this show?

    Please, please keep us posted if Tina even ‘thinks’ about the next show, whenever, wherever.


    1. Hello Vivian,

      Thanks for your comment, glad to enjoyed the article! Concerning memorabilia from this concert, you should try ebay but i don’t have any clue if there’s specifics items from that specific night! But who knows 😉
      And of course if Tina Turner ever comes back on stage again, you’ll know it first here 😉


  7. I went to 10 of her concerts in 2000-2001. Las Vegas was THE BEST show. She had Lionel Richie at times and Joe Cocker for her opener’s. They were all great acts. We all get old and we have to just know when it’s time to quit and I respect Tina for that. I will and do miss her so much; the energy and positive action and performances were outstanding and brilliant. My all-time favorite entertainer and singer. I love you, Tina!


  8. What a Great tribute to an Icon “Tina Turner”.. So enjoyed her 24/7 concert, especially when she came over the crowd on that arm she was right above me.. 🙂 and you know she loved to meet everyone of her fans…


    1. Was looking at my “Tina Turner” 1997′ Ticket rain or shine lawn concert sponsored by “Hanes Hosiery Present’s” .. $15.00 June 22, 1997 7:30pm. was a great hot Summer nite, with great friends with “Tina” Memories to cherish! Now Tina is about to enter a new journey “Marriage” to Erwin… obviously they are happy and I wish them well, and going to the “World wide Wedding”.. Congratulations! and THANK YOU!! TINA.. :)<3


  9. I left the venue with be tender ringing on my head and after many dates I managed to see Tina that tour,got to our hotel room and very strange burst out crying!!! without any doubt I knew that was the last time I will see her in concert ,I was on her 24/7 dates but you could tell she had something left when she finished her set.but at Sheffield that night at every song she sang and hit the notes I;e (help)she looked at Olly or Stacey and Lisa like saying that’s the last one,she tried to make it business as usual but as anyone who was infront row would have seen this ,after she sang the last note on Be tender and bow her head down and hold the mike stand ,I don’t know whether it was sweat or tears as her mascara seemed to be running on one eye and as she started waving saying byebye it was real and not an act ,But I was happy for her as she really looked pleased that she managed to do all her dates as she run behind the curtains .


  10. Would like to have contact information for Clare Turton, Tina’s lead dancer. She is tremendous. Would like to be able to chat with her.


  11. Tina! I have always been a fan from the age of ten… Love, Love Love ❤ you 😊 I am from a little town in East Tennessee… My last name is Bullock and have often wondered if we could be related?? I am from Church Hill , Tennessee!?? You’ve been an inspiration to me throughout my life! Thank you! Also I lived n The STL for 4 yrs?? Kinda strange?? God Bless You!! I would love to meet you one day before this life cycle is over….Rock On Tina!!


  12. Omg Tina Turner you are amazing you are one of my idols. I have GROWN up watching you and listening to you I watched your movie today smiles and tears every emotion possible. I would love to someday meet you if you are ever in Asheville NC. Love you lady and you truly are a lady



    1. Would like to get more information on Clare Turton, the lead dancer for Tina. She was going to go out on her own after the England concert, which was in her home town. She is truly unbelievable. would like to follow her career path. Please let me know how to contact.
      Michael J. Maksymicz


  13. Linda Tina.. la abuela del rock, disfrute mucho de tu gran y maravillosa voz gracias por tu música preciosa. ahora te espera un nuevo y maravilloso caminar que en este si te quedaras.. te Amo linda Tina Turner. bendiciones del Universo. gracias, gracias totales. Namaste.


  14. I was originally going to the cancelled concert in Sheffield and was gutted when Tina was ill as I was on holiday abroad in Turkey when the new date was announced. Never mind though – I went on holiday and flew back early sacrificing the last week of my vacation. The best decision I ever made, seeing Tina’s final concert with my mum and dad, going full circle – my dad was with at Woburn Abbey in 1990 for my first “Tina” concert.

    19 years it was all over, after visits across the UK, Europe and the US the memories will last with me until my last breath. Thanks Tina


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