Beyond Love Within Contest Winners

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Tina Turner - Regula Curti - Dechen Shak Dagsay- Sawani Shende - Beyond Love Within 2014

During the past week, you had the chance to win a copy of the new spiritual album Beyond Love Within, featuring Tina Turner and signed by artists Regula Curti, Dechen Shak-Dagsay and Sawani Shende. All you had to do was to answer the question: how did Tina help and inspire you on your life journey? We were overwhelmed by the many entries and all the personal stories you shared with us. Continue reading to find out who won.

The two winners are Marshall from the United States Katalin from Hungary. Congratulations! Thank you very much everybody for participating! Below, you will find the answers of the two winners to the question ‘how did Tina help and inspire you on your life journey?’


Tina has helped me in my life in many ways. She encouraged and immensely inspired me to stay strong in my faith, hope for the best and live out my ‘wildest dreams.’ Thanks to her I wasn’t afraid to do tasks like run for class president, or ask my girlfriend of a few months out. She is always the first person I refer back to when doing a difficult task! I think: Tina can I can! My life journey is just beginning (I’m only 15) but I will stay strong in my faith and persevere. I learned that from Tina’s way of life and teachings.”


“I have been listening to her music since my childhood. I was inspired by her voice to study English in my early years and I managed to extend my vocabulary to understand her lyrics. As a young girl I enjoyed  performing her songs. During the old socialist time in a secret place – when I was a primary school child I was dancing and singing and imitating her movements together with my classmates. We wanted to be pop singers like Tina.
There were two types of pop magazines in Hungary with the latest pictures  and photos.  It was a fashion here, in my country  to cut out the articles from the papers and to stick them on the wall. Tina was everywhere.
Last year one of my friends from Dubai shared a video – a peace mantra. Really no words, no words! Extremely amazing  and healing music from the outstanding Beyond. With Beyond music I was able to recover from my deepest and the most painful collapse in my life after loosing my best friend, my soul mate forever. When I feel blue – I need Beyond to open my hidden happiness, to change my vibration. Beyond music is the best motivational and curing music. It is a kind of balance.”

Didn’t win? Order ‘Beyond: Love Within’ now via Amazon Germany, Amazon UK or worldwide in the iTunes store.

5 Replies to “Beyond Love Within Contest Winners”

  1. Nossa, desde os meus doze anos quando ouvi pela primeira vez a música “What’s Love Got to Do with It numa propaganda da Wella sempre nos intervaolos da novela A Marquesa de Santos na extinta Rede Manchete! Sequer conhecia Tina Turner, mas aqueles cabelos, aquela voz e uma música perfeita! Até hoje fã de Tina Turner. Simplesmente a MELHOR! A grande Rainha do Rock!


  2. when you tell what you feel and tell it like you mean it you singing the bleues,rap,funk groov,pop…more&more music…my name boniface zebo correspt de press/producer…zb music inc haitian label…georges zebo google+…my face…


  3. Hello, I am trying to purchase the MP3 format within the United States. It’s only allowed on the German version of Itunes. Is there another way to purchase the MP3 version?


  4. “THE-QUEEN-IS-LIVE…at the top voice&soul number one…zb music inc haitian label/zb music inc…look at the playlist tina-turner georges zebo google+


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