Private Dancer “30th Anniversary” Edition

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Tina Turner - Private Dancer 30th Anniversary Edition (Warner Japan 2015)Pre-Order “Private Dancer” 30th Anniversary Edition here! 

Better late than never!? Who would have thought that, Tina Turner’s milestone album Private Dancer might finally receive the credits it deserves… from Japan.

A few days ago, a couple of Japanese websites announced a release of a 2 disc “30th Anniversary Edition” of Private Dancer for May 27, 2015. We emailed our contact at Warner UK (thanks Andrew!) who told us that he will try to get more info from Asia. We’ll keep you posted about any further developments.

Furthermore, we got details from ‘a person in the know’ about the tracklist for a project from last year,  “30th Anniversary Edition CD/DVD” package that was shelved by Tina’s record company. This Japanese release could be the revival of this project or something totally different. Time will tell.

If, it is in case that package, it would feature live songs from a gig in Chicago  in August 1984. Some of those recordings were used as B-sides for the Private Dancer singles at that time, or, in the case of “Better Be Good To Me”, the live US maxi-single.

Concerning  Track List,  it would include all the 12″ versions, the radio edit of Help, the instrumental version of What’s Love, as well as both edits of “Total Control” and “Keep Your Hands Off My Baby”.

It remains to be seen if this project is indeed similar to the album listed on Warner’s official Japanese website? We don’t have the answer for the moment, but something is cooking. Keep you posted!

Tina Turner - Private Dancer 30th Anniversary Edition (Warner Japan 2015)

Pre-order “Private Dancer” 30th Anniversary Edition here! 

9 Replies to “Private Dancer “30th Anniversary” Edition”

  1. Well, it’s about time! Since it’s a Japanese Edition, I’m severely hoping that since EMI is now owned by Universal Music/Universal Music Japan this 2-disc set will be released in 2-Disc replica mini-LP papersleeve SHM-CD format, or at least HQCD, or Blu-spec CD2 Format, because this classic of an album needs to be reissued in that way. What the heck took them so damn long…esp. when the 30th Anniversary was early last Summer?!
    I’ll have to check with the online Japanese CD stores that I’m linked with to see the alerts about this future release…hopefully during early-to-mid-Spring?

    Thanks so much for bringing this to our attention! I wonder if any of our shouts finally found the right official ears?


  2. Oh, so, it’s supposed to have a May 27th, 2015 release. My money will be ready…hope this is a high quality, high def/hi-fidelity 21st Century remastered Collector’s Edition, w/ all of the regalia that came from that era in her music. Thanks, Jeremy for the additional info. This makes Spring 2015 a good deal sweeter…plus all of the other albums and movies coming out around that time…

    So, where’s the promised 30th Anniversary Edition of Prince’s PURPLE RAIN, huh?


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