Tina Turner - Love Songs - CD 2014

It’s Valentine’s day, the occasion to find out more about the marketing strategy behind last year new “best-of” release “Love Songs”…
Digital era or not – the promotion for Tina Turner´s “Love Songs” compilation is bound to the brick-and-mortar artist management which we already know. Hence, we can enjoy an individually designed promo CD in paper-sleeve and a press release with the interesting info that “Private Dancer” was released in … 1983!

Press Release

The press release nicely summarizes the song collection and points out that this compilation consisted of songs from the 1980s and 1990s – Tina´s official solo career, you could say. It is a bit sad that “Private Dancer” was released in 1983 according to that press release … even if Wikipedia states that it was “29 May 1984” and could have been easily checked. Another funny detail is that “River Deep Mountain High” is mentioned as an Ike-and-Tina-Turner collaboration while we all would rather regard is a Phil-Spector-and-Tina-Turner production. Esp. the fact that it failed to succeed in the U.S. while it was a mega hit in the UK and opened finally the European market for her.

Tina Turner - Love Songs - Press Release (Page 1)
Tina Turner – Love Songs – Press Release (Page 1)
Tina Turner - Love Songs - Press Release (Page 2)
Tina Turner – Love Songs – Press Release (Page 2)

Promo CD

The promo CD itself will surely turn into a collector´s item even if the song selection and track order is equal to the regular release. So, what is it what makes it special?

  • Released in a paper-sleeve and not in the regular CD jewel box
  • No barcode on the back cover
  • Elaborate copyright / promo text on the back cover and on the CD itself
Tina Turner - Love Songs - Promo
Tina Turner – Love Songs – Promo
Tina Turner - Love Songs - Promo (CD)
Tina Turner – Love Songs – Promo (CD)
Tina Turner - Love Songs - Promo (Back Cover)
Tina Turner – Love Songs – Promo (Back Cover)

Marketing Strategy

With no TV appearances and no personal involvement of Tina Turner herself, it was surely the best what Parlophone/Warner Music could do. They simply sent out the complete album to the press and hoped for the best – with the album title “Love Songs” and the release date shortly before Valentine´s Day being the key elements of the marketing strategy. The success in the international charts proved that this concept worked well. Or don´t you think?

Get Tina Turner’s Love Song here !

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