Tina Turner wearing Armani - 2015

Tina Turner and her husband Erwin Bach attended the Armani 40th Anniversary event last night in Milano!
Turner was once again looking incredibly healthy and young for a 75 years old legend.

Gallery inside the post!


11 Replies to “TINA At ‘Armani 40 Anni’”

  1. I love how Erwin looks so protective when they’re out and about. He’s looking at that guy like “Don’t touch my lady. She knows how to pose.”


  2. As a long T.T. fan I am happy that Tina has found happiness with Erwin. I just don’t get though how he ALWAYS seems annoyed when Tina is being interviewed or stops to wave at the crowds. In the Armani Anniversary clip you can see him trying to usher her away this is evident in a lot of photos. Chill out Erwin….we love Tina too!!!


  3. I miss Tina, the most talented woman in the world. I wish I had a moment to meet her. Tina is the only artist in the world who knew when to finish her regular show with proud and honour. God bless her family. Tina !!! Live longer for us 🙂


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