In a few weeks, Miss Tina Turner, the most resilient woman I know, will turn 81! Throughout her life and career, she showed the world that despite life’s turmoil and challenges, you and only yourself are in control of your fate.

And if you are wise enough to clearly understand the rules of the Universe, you also can be in full control and like Tina live a happy and healthy life.

So today, here’s 5 Life Tips that I learned from Tina to improve your being. And trust me, There Is No Alternative…


If the Gypsy, the Acid Queen herself tells you that a life free of drugs is essential to develop your well being you better trust her. Having a clear mind in every circumstances is a ‘sine qua non’ condition to enlighten your being. And you can spend the money you don’t use on drugs on things you like, like clothes!


Take some time for yourself and your body. At nearly 81, Tina has kept her face and body in perfect conditions. Although her happiness shines through her looks, spending time taking care of yourself & of your body is surely a nice treat for the soul. Of course don’t forget to sleep as much as you can, care about what you eat and stay away from salt!


The past is the past. There’s no need to dwell on things that can’t be changed while you can still change! Any minute, any time, it’s never too late! Change your way of thinking, welcome the futur with open arms, count your blessings and be kind! Life is full of surprises if you are ready to accept them, whatever your age or your conditions.


Or even better chant but in anyway take some time to focus on the present moment. You are very lucky to be on this Earth in this life, even if it’s not always as smooth as we would like. But when you encounter a frustrating situation, focus on your breathing for a couple of minutes, think about the air that links us all and nourish your body & soul. And never forget, nothing last forever and no one lives forever!


Tina Turner lived for 18 years with a genius mad man who made hell out of her life. But you know what!? Tina forgave Ike. She was smart enough and strong enough to know that focusing her brain on improving herself and going on with her life would elevate her and bring her into another level of spirituality. And it did. Don’t waste time and energy hating. Use them to improve your kindness and creativity!

“Happiness Becomes You” will be published first:

On November 2nd in Germany (Droemer Knaur)

On December 1st in the USA (Atria Books)

On December 1st in the UK (HarperCollins Publishers UK)

And many more countries to follow!

Video Written, Edited & Narrated by Ben:

16 Replies to “5 Life Tips Learned From TINA”

    1. From France, chère Maura et avec un peu de retard, je vous souhaite un très joyeux anniversaire.
      Prenez bien soin de vous et restez en Bonn santé.


  1. Tina Turner you’re Simply the best singer on earth! And thank you for being so positive even through hard times in life! Great advice..thanks! I Wish you all the best in your Life,and good luck in everything! Sending you hugs and kisses..😘😘😘😘❤️


  2. Enjoying watching this video+article you made .Spreading happiness especially these days
    Everything is beautiful in Tina Voice,Songs, her wisdom and look
    Long & healthy -happy life to tina and everyone

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Longue vie à Tina et à sa carrière de Chanteuse . Elle est notre moteur, dés que je la vois en vidéos … je suis à nouveau plein d’énergie et de joie de vivre . Mes Salutations à Tina et à tous

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Thank you for your 5 tips of the life and Im soo glad to see you that your are keeping well and and stay positive .Thank you for all awsome musics , yes “River deep mountain high ”
    Fond of regards
    xx Sedef


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