Just in time for the release of the new book ‘Happiness…’ today in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Swiss magazine Blick got an exclusive interview with Tina.

A candid and very interesting conversation where Tina evokes amongst other thing her spirituality, the Beyond albums, the Kygo remix and of course since this is 2020, the Covid19 pandemic:

I would like to share with everyone who reads something that has helped me get through tough times: These sometimes seem like a never-ending winter with no prospect of spring. But I know from personal experience that as long as we hold up hope and don’t succumb to despair, we can feel peace – no matter what. I hope that the pandemic will make us appreciate the value of everyday life more. I sing and pray every day for the health of my family, friends and fans.

Link to Tina’s full interview in Blick (German)

“Happiness Becomes You” will be published first:

On November 2nd in Germany, Austria, Switzerland (Droemer Knaur)

On December 1st in the USA (Atria Books)

On December 1st in the UK (HarperCollins Publishers UK)

And many more countries to follow!

11 Replies to “New TINA Interview”

  1. sadly, i don’t speak german and therefore cannot read the article. but you have no idea how much i needed to hear the quote, translated to english, that you included in this article, as an american who is trying really hard NOT to be filled with despair and worry about tomorrow’s election. TINA has been such a gift to me in this life, and she just keeps giving and giving!

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    1. Hello Troy, try using the web browser ‘Chrome’.
      It’s the one I use and it automatically translates pages in foreign languages into English!
      It’s not a perfect translation but correct enough to understand everything!
      I hope it helps! Best!

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  2. Eu usei o google translator. Fiquei muito feliz por ler uma entrevista atual de Tina. Agora só falta um Home vídeo. Amo Tina.


  3. Thank you Tina. I hope you are well at this point. I know you have had a difficult spell. I saw you back in the late 60’samd have always loved your music. Today on a difficult day, I listened to your u-tube of Nam myoho renge kyo. How wonderful! I am a Nichren Buddhist and sometimes see Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, Bennie Maupin and others. What a joy to see you in our publications and see how you truly use the faith in the practice. I am proud and joyous for your breakthroughs and accomplishments. Thank you for inspiring me.

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  4. Yes hope. So important.
    Fractured my tibia. So hard to sit around.
    Feel like im loosing it, but i pray in a few weeks i can get up with walker.
    You’re the best Tina. God bless.


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