TINA – Architectural Digest – 2000

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Update: In July 2013, Tina said on Oprah’s Next Chapter that she “got rid of property in France”. One can only assume that she talked about “Anna Fleur”.  A look at Tina Turner’s Swiss mansion “Chateau Algonquin” here.

Article from the March 2000 issue of ‘Architectural Digest’: a tour of Tina’s house “Anna Fleur” in the South of France.

Interior Design by Sills Huniford Associates.

Text by Judith Thurman. 

Photography by Mary E. Nichols . 

Published March 2000

This is a new version of the post, with higher resolution pictures!

19 Replies to “TINA – Architectural Digest – 2000”

    1. Haha yes it’s a very nice issue! The house looks really nice, the swimming pool and everything, it looks very cosy and peaceful. We should ask if she rents it to people, when she needs some extra money^^


  1. Great article! Yes the house is fantastic!
    By the way is it possible to put online some larger pictures? I can’t read the text. I have a 21 wide screen.


  2. i would rent it , but only if Tina is included….. Erwin can go on grogery shopping…… and i want fresh baguettes each day!


  3. I was suprised that they got maried at their swiss property Algonquin and not at the mansion Anna Fleur in Fille france Sur-mer. In my opinion the huge villa was the perfect location for their weddingday. I saw pictures with forniture from her France mansion in Villa Algonquin during her wedding day. Then I knew she sold the house already


    1. She already had those furniture in Zurich back in the mid 2000’s. Probably the same set but different items.
      You can see them on Tina’s interview on African American lives 2! (Soon on the blog btw)
      Thanks for your comment.


  4. One can see notice so much work and thought involved in creating this absolute dream come true. I’m sure in this case, reality came over the dream. The result is such an amazing piece of work. I love the way the earth, the green and the water is combined with the fabrics, the furniture, all the construction área. Everything goes well.


  5. Tina, I have always admired you for many years as I was growing up. Always wanted to meet you. No, I am not a singer. Use to sing in church as a back ground singer, never a lead. (smile) I am so very proud of you and all of your many accomplishments Keep on enjoying your life and looking good, you deserve it.


  6. I worked on this villa during 1994/1995 and met Tina a couple of times. I built the main front door and several items of furniture for the kitchen and bedroom, whilst working for a company in Biot. We also built the original cabinet for the security console and the indoor/outdoor tv. I apparently broke protocol when Tina offered my boss and I a can of Pepsi… I said we’d prefer a cup of tea!! We got the tea!
    Fond memories!


  7. Diva das divas linda maravilhosa e charmosa beijos tina Turner parabéns pelo teu sucesso em toda sua vida você suas músicas seu charme e simpatia fez parte da minha juventude você foi e será uma das maiores cantora de todos os tempos tudo de bom pra você felicidades beijo no teu coração. Paixão minha.


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