Tina Turner – Giorgio Armani fashion show – February 28, 2011 (updated)

Updated (March 6, 20111) with 5 high resolution photos! Look inside the post.

Tina attended another fashion show in Milan, this time the Giorgio Armani haute couture collection, on Monday, February 28. She looked totally gorgeous again! See more picture inside with Tina wearing jeans and a RTL tv report about Tina inside the Fashion Show!!!


Here you’ll find a RTL report about Tina inside the Fashion Show. Thanks to Sid for the video 🙂


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11 responses to “Tina Turner – Giorgio Armani fashion show – February 28, 2011 (updated)

  1. mark


  2. Sidlovestina

    she is drop dead gorgeos!

  3. Mimi

    Wow! Tina Turner is an ageless beauty. She looks absolutely wonderful!!!

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  5. Wow you look so very beautiful. I met you the first time when I was a very small girl in my aunts beauty shop in St Louis Mo. My aunts name was
    Robbie Pate. Robbie was her nick name her birth name was Maggie and she was a heck of a styler she also did little Richard also. My name is Denise and I am so thankful to say I used to play around you while you and my aunt chatted, grown folks talk. I was the little red head black girl that dressed so nice. My aunt Robbie past on several years ago. She was remarried to a man that was really good to her and loved every inch of her.
    That also brings a smile to my heart and so does your success. Oh and thanks for the cool pair of boots. I wore those boots with such pride that you gave me my first pair of go go boots. When I tell people my story of meeting you so many think I lie. But I know and my Aunt and my mother Bernice. You rock Tina thank you again. St. Louis Red now Im Denise Angelieica Lee of Cloverdale California .]

  6. Paulo Puig

    Tank you Tina for your song, Im from Brasil Iguassu fall..
    sorry for my english..
    Att: Paulo Puig

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