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In 1986, Tina Turner ended her first biography with these words:

‘My career is still in bloom and I’m not ripe enough to teach anybody. When I’m ready, I will devote all my life to that, I’ll tell what I’ve learned. Many of you will listen, and some of you will hear.’

Thirty-four years later, Tina has made good on her promise and is giving herself away in an unprecedented way. The Happiness Becomes You project originally started in 2014 was delayed for a few years due to health problems encountered by the star. Once she recovered, she started working on the book.

Released in English in December 2020, this ‘spiritual biography’ so far published in 10 languages is now available in French published by Massot Editions under the title ‘Le Bonheur est en Vous’.

Throughout her solo career, Tina Turner has given glimpses in interviews and public appearances of her spiritual life and how the practice of Buddhism saved her from a toxic marriage and gave her the strength to persevere to the heights of fame.

So when Tina told the audience at the end of the Broadway premiere of TINA The Musical that she had ‘turned poison into medicine’, the star was again referring to her spiritual practice and one of the great tenets of Buddhism.

And thanks to ‘Happiness’ Tina, with the help of Taro Gold and Regula Curti, finally reveals her long spiritual journey through multiple unpublished personal anecdotes and proven meditation techniques. After two biographies, we thought we knew everything about Tina’s life but rarely has she revealed herself in such an intimate way.

We are invited to follow her during her first meetings with practitioners, during mornings on the shores of Lake Zurich or during a day in 1977 when she goes through the ‘Ten States’, which are then detailed with advice and encouragement for the reader.

While the Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo Mantra is well known to fans and followers of Nichiren Buddhism, this time Tina goes further in presenting and analyzing this mantra also known as the Lotus Sutra. She relates how hours of daily recitation during her darkest moments allowed her to overcome obstacles that many would have given up on. Her discipline and willingness to strive for spiritual enlightenment has led her to live a serene and peaceful life today.

And all this is within our reach if we are willing to implement the advice given in ‘Happiness’.

Think of this book as a way to take stock of yourself and where you want to go in the future. Like Tina left behind, embrace the present moment and never forget to cultivate that part of spirituality that lies within each of us.

The French translation of ‘Le Bonheur Est En Vous’ by Janine Bisiaux faithfully transcribes the English version and one finds ‘Tina’s voice’ throughout the story accompanied at the end of the book by its welcomed back glossary.

Whether one is remotely interested in Buddhism or not, this book is for everyone. For fans of Tina who want to discover more deeply this discipline and some great Buddhist principles, for neophytes who are beginning to practice and for long time Buddhists who wish to know more about the one who has now become a prominent figure in Buddhism.

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Le ‘Bonheur est en Vous‘ is published by Massot Edition: InstagramFacebook

Version Française/French Version

10 Replies to “‘Happiness’ Arrives In France!”

    1. Salut Ludo! C’est vraiment un super livre, je pense que tu aimeras beaucoup! Ils y avaient pas mal de copies à la Fnac de Tours! J’espère que tu vas bien!


  1. Tina when I see kindness and love,I think of you.
    You have lived a fantastic and honorable life.
    You gave so much of yourself to your fans.
    May you live the rest of your days on this earth,being the happiest ever.
    Thank you so,so much for your talent and love.
    Peace and 💘

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Suis actuellement en train de le lire lire. Un livre très intéressant, plein de bons sens et de bons sentiments. J’ai découvert une Tina Turner très spirituelle. Merci Ben pour les informations et partage, notamment la vidéo traduite en français.


  3. Dear TINA TURNER. You are simply The Best. I have always like your professional work and show despite never seen you LIVE show. Usually I watch this program via YOU TUBE .
    I am Your fanny from Finland. Happy Days and GOOD feelings like LOVE , Peace and Health.
    My MOTTO: ” Our best DAYS are still In Front of Us”.

    Big LONG KISS to You TINA Buy YOURS PERTTI from Finland…


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