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TINA’s Operation Oops

Tina Turner - Ninjas - Live 2009 .jpg

If there’s is one thing in life that cheers me up, it is to hear Tina Turner’s laugh! It is deep, it is contagious and most of all, it is adorable! There’s been several video compilations made by fans of ‘TINA having fun’ on Youtube and I thought it would be amusing to come up with a new version of it! The title of the article and video is ‘TINA’s Operation Oops‘, in reference to the pre-Private Dancer era when Tina was touring small clubs after divorcing Ike. At that time, she even named her production company this way.

So it started as a video compilation of TINA’s laugh and it ended up being a 5 minutes crazy montage of random TINA’s interviews from the eighties up until now, in countries all over over the world. There’s hours of TINA material so be sure to subscribe to the blog for TINA’s Operation Oops – Part 2! Enjoy!

Tina Turner – Twenty Four Seven Tour live photos – part 1

Our good friend Dave visited more than 40 concerts during Tina Turner’s  2000 Twenty Four Seven world tour. During these concerts, he took many photos, which will be shared on this blog over the next few weeks. In total, we will upload more than 200 photos, from various concerts in the United States and Europe. Today part 1!

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