April 9, 1987: Girls live in Dortmund, Germany

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Tina Turner - live during her Break Every Rule tour 1987

Tina Turner performing Girls live in Dortmund, Germany on April 9, 1987 during her Break Every Rule World Tour.

“Girls” is a single released, from her 1986 album Break Every Rule. This song was written by David Bowie and Erdal Kizilcay and produced by Terry Britten. Phil Collins plays drums on the recording. The song, did not crack the US Top 40.

Bowie later recorded two different versions of the song himself during the Never Let me Down  sessions, one with vocals in English and another with vocals in Japanese. Both versions appeared as B-sides for different formats of the ” Time Will Crawl” single in 1987. A live version by Tina Turner was released on the album Tina Live in Europe in 1988. An “extended edit” of Bowie’s English-language version appeared as a bonus track on the 1995 Virgin Records reissue of Never Let Me Down.


Listen to Girls live in Dortmund ( great vocals, the ending is amazing ) here :


Girls, we come and we go
We kiss, come and we go
Like a breeze, toughing your cheek
Like pain, like the tears on a face

Girls, we come and we go
Like spirits, we vanish at dawn
My heart, suspended in time
Like you, vanish like tears in the rain

Girls, we take our loves away
Like spirits living so far away
Girls, pretending to break down and cry
Girls, whispering wind, what are we giving away

We used to be so happy
Remember, remember, so happy
I never knew how lonely
How lonely, How lonely
Could feel

8 Replies to “April 9, 1987: Girls live in Dortmund, Germany”

  1. Thank you. This is one of the most incredible Tina songs. It has intense emotional power, and it is a very spiritual song too. It seems, somehow, that it was made especially for her by David Bowie.


  2. Where can I get the full recording of thsi concert? I know it was made into a bootleg, but i cant find it anywhere. Any clue?? Thank u


  3. Hello!

    Fans must together asking why this live concert was filmed andnot released!
    Special German fans as she did so many concerts there any one one concert was released!
    Anyone knows who we must contact Roger Davies?
    Only fans together can force this to happen, right?


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