So today some gossiping! Everybody remembers the fantastic performance of Tina Turner & Elton John at the Divas live concert in New York, 1999 and below, a very rare video of what happened backstage during rehearsals!

The fight between Tina & Elton happened rehearsing Proud Mary. We heard a lot about it but never really saw what happened. Well VH1 broadcast a report about the fight between Tina and Elton! The feud between the 2 diva’s ranked     n°25 in the “Celebrity Feuds List”.


29 Replies to “Feud! Elton & Tina”

  1. Wow! Hadn’t seen that clip before! Thanks for sharing!
    Seems like the “witnesses” were on Tina’s side 🙂 Hmmm I wonder why 😉

    1. Ah, glad you enjoy it Martina ! Yes Elton is being really acting like a dumb ass ! Very strange at the end when Tina is mimicking Elton saying “oooouh i am soooo sorry…”. I don’t know it felt weird.

  2. If they didnt have this fight they would have been touring together in 2000, Tina singing his songs, and Elton singing hers, its sad that that never happened. But as Tina said in a swedish interview in 99 “I love his songs, but we dont work together musically”.

      1. For us Tina-fans of course this was the best solution, but imagine all the people who had never seen Tina perform before (probably the majority of Elton Johns fans), I am sure she would be even more popular (if possible) because of this.

      2. Yes Gjermund you are probably right she would have got more media attention but who knows maybe she’ll do that in a couple year with another aging Diva 🙂

  3. At that time Elton was having arguments with everyone, he was always in the new having it out with some one. Tina did right by not touring with him, had he gotten away with doing what he did during the rehearsals, he would have did it on tour. Hit them where it hurts the most, the pocket. Even though i have enjoyed Elton’s music for years, I’ve enjoyed Tina’s the most and she had enough mess with Ike and the american media never giving her the credit that
    she deserves over the years she has been performing and singing. Tina, I am a true fan and supporter of yours and always will be. Love, Mark

    1. Tina was simply trying to find the arrangement right after all its her song.Elton realised/or his PR people realised how Ike he is going to look and thats why with the quick appology,

  4. Hey, THANKS for this INSIDE SCOOP! That’s a whole lotta dirt on what went down between Queen “A” and Queen “B’…but you know, EJ sang, “Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting” and he got a little action in.

    1. Hey Hank, thanks for your comment, i am glad Tina replied to Elton the way she did. He is very very sensitive as Tina would say…”Saturday Saturday Saturday Saturday night’s alright ” 😉

  5. @ Mark,EJ is always having out with someone but thats him,he always say/do things on the heat of the moment like “i’m never gonna sing again””rude,vile,pigs”……until when he calms down he realised what he caused,but again i prefer thatone than the one who said behind your back or to the press

    1. Thanks for your comment Luzi, there’s some more great pics on the blog ( a bit everywhere ) and i’ve update today the ” Erwin Bach & Tina Turner ” with great pics of them together. use the “search” button on Homepage 😉

  6. Thank you so much for the amazing pictures and post. Thank you also for the “Beyond for Children” video. I’m always amazed at how good Tina still can look.

  7. Personally, I like Elton John but my Heart is with Tina!! All Divas’ get into it sometimes. It seems that the situation between them was ultimatly resolved with both Diva’s holding on to thier Dignity. p.s. Tina won though because she canceled the tour. Ah well, you win some, ya lose some! ;-D

  8. ..and I went to the 2000 concert of them in Las Vegas- supposed together- and it was 2 different sets and the worst tina concert EVER…

  9. Tina broke world records for the top grossing tour up to that point with the 2000 tour…. if she had toured with Elton, he would have gotten credit for that. I suspect her feud with him gave her the fuel she needed to push herself for that level of touring to “show him” and she did.

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