Tina Turner – Mad Max movie magazine – 1985

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Below are scans taken from Austrian movie magazine Neuer Filmkurier in September 1985 on the movie Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, in which Tina Turner starred as Aunty Entity, together with Mel Gibson. The magazine offers background information on the movie, unfortunately (for some of us), it is written in German. A big thank you to Hans for providing the magazine for us to scan!

9 Replies to “Tina Turner – Mad Max movie magazine – 1985”

  1. Tina was excellent in this movie. I would love to see her in film today, maybe not this type but, I beleive she could pull off a good murder movie.

    Love, Mark, u.s.a.


  2. i love this magazines and pics from the movie . Tina was very pretty. I have some different magazines from Mad Max III , this one is great too.


    1. Agreed Lasse. I (Sjef) wasn’t too excited about it back then, but now I would love it. It would fit perfectly with the Beyond project. Let’s hope at least some day we will hear the music she recorded for the soundtrack!


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