Ike & Tina ‘Taking Off’ in HD: Goodbye, So Long!

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This is a very unusual moment in Tina Turner’s career. Ike & Tina appeared in a movie directed by Milos Forman called “Taking Off” released in 1971. The movie received the Golden Palm in Cannes and was nominated for several BAFTA awards. Ike & Tina are not directly related to the story of the movie; at some point during the film, the main characters just wants to have some fun and forget their worries, so what better way to do so than going to an Ike & Tina concert! To get more  info about the movie visit the IMDB page related to it. Continue reading for the video of Ike & Tina’s cameo in the movie (in HD) and some screenshots!

13 Replies to “Ike & Tina ‘Taking Off’ in HD: Goodbye, So Long!”

  1. Excellent extrait! C’est absoluement incroyable à voir Tina avec une telle qualité d’image sur un live de 1971. Absoluement impressionnant. On s’y croirait. Merci et Bravo d’avoir trouvé cet extrait!


  2. I remember seeing this sometime ago on tv but it was in black and white, nice to see it in color. Thanks for the title I always wondered what if was called.


  3. I had no idea about this movie and Tina´s performance as a part of it. Thank you guys for this interesting post. Good to see Tina in HD. Even without HD is Tina HQ 😉


  4. This video is a precious treasure! I like this old songs from Ike & Tina!
    I grew on (since 1973) with these songs.
    Tina´s music is pure inspiration! Thank You, guys!!!


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