Tina Turner – Look Me In The Heart – Photo session

Tina Turner - Look Me In The Heart photo session - 1989 (5)

Upon the release of the Foreign Affair album  in 1989, Tina Turner did a lot of photo session…Of course there another one for the release of the single “Look Me In The Heart”. Have a look at those wonderful pictures inside the post!



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20 responses to “Tina Turner – Look Me In The Heart – Photo session

  1. marga

    Hermosas las fotos, una vida total. Gracias

  2. Darrell Roper

    Thanks for all you do for such an awesome website. I’m sure Tina is proud.

    GRACIAS! ♥

  4. Faye

    These are great photo’s. I’d only seen the photo with Tina wearing the sunglasses before.Thank you

  5. Hendrik

    you guys are doings such an amazing job – thank you for that! as a true tina-fan i am enjoying and appreciating every single post. keep on boys, i keep on reading! 😉

    • Mark Brown, USA

      These pics are amazing. I remember when this song was on a single cassett, I played it to death, luved this song. Tina looked great on the cover and all of these other pics as well. There’s only one!

    • Thanks for your comment Hendrix!
      Keep on reading and we’ll keep on blogging…blogging…blogging 😉

  6. MNC

    These are great!! Thanks Boys!!

  7. T-ROX

    Wow. Incredible pictures. Incredible post. This blog just gets better with time! I loved many posts in the past, but not always I’m leaving a reply. Loved the audio posts (with Tina’s remixes) and many other things. Thank you!!

    • Thanks for commenting T-Rox,
      This is too much compliments really 😉 but still, glad to hear you enjoy the work done with the blog and for letting us know that you enjoy posts with remixes! We’ll keep that in mind 😉

  8. Lousina

    Really beautiful pictures – but Tina is beautiful. Even now she is 72. Thank you guys for the pictures!!

  9. Fabio

    Nice Pictures…Thanks! I Hope you post others HQ Pictures about Foreign Affair Era and SImply The Best Era…Thanks!!!

  10. gadija

    is this tina’s own hair. i always wondered. never know what is her own hair. she very fortunate to have such a great boyfriend

  11. Luis contreras desde chile

    Hermosa como siempre un beso y un abrazo mi admiracion para ti gran diva

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