Tina Turner – Look Me In The Heart – Photo session

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Tina Turner - Look Me In The Heart photo session - 1989 (5)

Upon the release of the Foreign Affair album  in 1989, Tina Turner did a lot of photo session…Of course there another one for the release of the single “Look Me In The Heart”. Have a look at those wonderful pictures inside the post!

23 Replies to “Tina Turner – Look Me In The Heart – Photo session”

  1. you guys are doings such an amazing job – thank you for that! as a true tina-fan i am enjoying and appreciating every single post. keep on boys, i keep on reading! 😉


    1. These pics are amazing. I remember when this song was on a single cassett, I played it to death, luved this song. Tina looked great on the cover and all of these other pics as well. There’s only one!


  2. Wow. Incredible pictures. Incredible post. This blog just gets better with time! I loved many posts in the past, but not always I’m leaving a reply. Loved the audio posts (with Tina’s remixes) and many other things. Thank you!!


    1. Thanks for commenting T-Rox,
      This is too much compliments really 😉 but still, glad to hear you enjoy the work done with the blog and for letting us know that you enjoy posts with remixes! We’ll keep that in mind 😉


  3. I always love and admire you like my second oldest sister did for you. Shirley Ann Naugles,She went to Soldan High school with you.


  4. God bless you and in Europe, and follow you r mind and instincts. If God give me a chance to move away from USA. Me and my wife Fay and son etc. we are gone. I went tp Paris last month and London and yes it was different experience. I love it.


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