Do this, and this… Do Something!

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Do Something is a b-side to Tina Turner’s 1996 single On Silent Wings. It’s an up-tempo, high-energy song with some very sexy lyrics and sounds – as Tina would say ‘It’s fun, it’s naughty!’. The song is written by long-time collaborators of Tina, Holly Knight and Mike Chapman. They are the duo behind some of Tina’s biggest hits, such as The Best, Better Be Good To Me and In Your Wildest Dreams. The song is produced by Trevor Horn, and was recorded during the recording sessions for Tina’s 1996 album Wildest Dreams, but was not included in the end. It was released on several CD-single versions of On Silent Wings – continue reading for scans of different releases, as well as to listen to the song and read the lyrics.

Do Something

You don’t give out, you don’t give in
You never seem to be attracted to the sin
The sin of love, the sin of all above
I give you my advice, it can be nice
I know you can’t solve the problems of the world
But you don’t have to be a precious little toy
Do something, do something

I’ll wait a day, I’ll wait a week
And I don’t just wanna be dancing cheek to cheek
It’s serious, this thing I need to do
Win or lose, it’s all up to you
I can’t believe that you could let me go this far
It can’t be natural to be the way you are
Do something, do something

I’ve got this weakness, I’m losing power
I need your sweetness right here and now yeah
Deeper and deeper, hour by hour
I should be rolling but I’m not satisfied no, no

Not satisfied, I’m not satisfied
When I’m alone, can’t do it on the phone
Won’t let you go until I get just what I need
My heart is breaking oh baby baby please
Do something do something baby baby okay
Come on come on come on do something
Get down on your knees and do something
Oh baby, please, do something

European CD single

UK CD single (part 2 of 2)

20 Replies to “Do this, and this… Do Something!”

  1. Wonderful song, but it’s a shame that a lot of the unreleased songs are not on one CD entitled, “Tina Turner – The Imports”. Is there a way to purchase some CD’s with rare or imported Tina Turner hits?


    1. Nothing of this kind for the moment Nathan, the only way to (legally) get those tracks is to buy the singles and albums containing those b-tracks. If you compare to other artists, there’s not that much b-tracks that never made it on an album but still there’s some ( a some great ones). Of course we hope they all be reunited on a nice compilation some day with some never heard before b tracks! Thanks for commenting Nathan, have a great weekend 🙂


  2. DO SOMETHING is one of the best songs from Tina. That´s my opinion. DO SOMETHING is also the most sexy song from TINA I ever heard, even more than Wildest Dreams. Everytime listening this song I am trying to imagine how would Tina perform this song live? How would she express these lyrics in her face or body language.
    YOU MADE MY DAY GUYS AGAIN… You read my mind also (about the singles and stuff). Thanks for this article.


    1. It is indeed, kinkier than Never in your Wildest Dreams and it would have been great to hear it live! Maybe she did it and we never heard it 😉
      Thanks for commenting again Jozef! Have a good weekend!


  3. Love this song and I would have loved to have had this on Wildest Dreams. This and Whatever You Want were just great, bombastic, sexy songs.


  4. Great song to dance to. Nice, uplifting, naughty though classy. Typical Tina. I can imagine her having fun in the studio recording this one and then big laughs at the end of the session! I like it, yes!


  5. I am with Carlos here. Never liked it. Her best B-sides for me are “Don’t turn around” and “Rock n roll widow”. “do Something” reminds me of “I wrote a letter”. Just too loud and messy for my taste 🙂


  6. This is a great B track. I think ‘wildest dreams’ is sexier than ‘do something’. In my opinion ‘wildest dreams’ is Tina’s sexiest song.


  7. Wonderful song that perfectly matches her stage personality and as mentioned in a previous post, would love to see her facial expressions. Also, I enjoy the few spoken words in the song…perfecto!


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