Gather your wits and hold on fast

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Tina Turner - Acid Queen- Tommy (The Who)

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With the release this year of the movies What’s Love Got To Do With It and Mad Max III on Blu-Ray disc, let’s not forget another big screen appearance for Tina Turner: the part of the Acid Queen in the Who’s rock opera “Tommy”. Tommy’s odyssey through life is punctuated by encounters with all sorts of weird folks, of whom the most seductive is certainly Tina as the Acid Queen. The scene begins with Tina as the hooker upstairs from the strip parlor operated by Tommy’s wicked stepfather, and ends with a psychedelic stainless steel mummy with acid in its veins. This scene is the occasion for Tommy’s first smile, as well it might be. Enjoy it in HD!

13 Replies to “Gather your wits and hold on fast”

  1. Full of fire! Quite bold, hmm? What do you guys think? I think Tina touched some sensitive questions here, through a subconscious way: drugs, sexuality, underground stuff. This is my idea of the 70’s, just like that.


    1. Guess you’re right, this is the 70’s and it looked quite psychedelic even if Tina always said she was quite naive when she was given the role of the Acid Queen, not truly realizing what was behind it! Thanks for your comment Cergio!


  2. That has got to be one (if not the one) of my favorite movies of all times. Her role in that film was (and still is) spectacular. EVERYTHING about that scene was sublime.


    1. I saw the movie as a child, waiting for the Tina and i remember being quite traumatized by it… But of course Tina is fierce in it!
      Thanks for your comment EddySoBe!


  3. Honestly, my favorite scene in the movie, and the most rockin’ of the songs in the movie: I think that it would’ve been great had the original ’60s album featured the likes of Tina, Elton, Eric, Ann-Margaret, etc., since in this case, the different voices enhance the characters in the songs (esp. the various voices). I think “The Acid Queen” and “Pinball Wizard” now officially belong to Tina Turner and Elton John respectively.

    The “knowing look” she gives Oliver Reed upon first meeting and the “crazy high” expression (and crazy-kookie dance) on Tina’s face after tripping w/ Tommy were the official beginning of her acting career. I always loved the fact that her first film appearance was as a Queen of Acid, then next the “Queen of Bartertown”, then after that, “The Mayor” of Los Angeles.

    Face it: The woman likes to be in control (lol).


    1. Haha you’re right Anthony, she always said it, she wants parts of strong, powerful women… Imagine if “The Godess” had happen, she would have been even higher in the hierarchy of powerful character 😉
      Thanks for commenting Anthony!


  4. And also on Blu Ray: “taking Off” and “Last action Hero”
    Now we need the concerts…. 🙂
    I would love to see “Nice N Rough”, “Private Dancer Live” and “What’s Love Live” on Blu Ray… Very unlikely this will ever happen.
    BTW, there is a new DVD version of “What’s Love got to do with it” out in Germany. No mention of BD release yet…


    1. Of course it will happen, i am sure Roger Davies is just waiting for the right moment to release them. Concerning the Blu-Ray of “Taking Off”, we already made a post about it a few months ago… And her cameo apperance is Last Action Hero is so short that i wonder if it’s worth to make a post about it 😉 Thanks for your comment Lasse!


      1. The right moment would have been in 2009….
        I don’t think they will ever be released on Blu Ray, many of them haven’t even appeared on DVD…
        Never understood why so many special releases were done by EMI for Queen, David Bowie or even The Pet Shop Boys, and never was any attention paid to one of their biggest artists, TINA TURNER !


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