Tina Turner’s wedding: Confidential

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Toto Marti/Blick
Oprah Winfrey in Zurich – July 19, 2013 (Toto Marti/Blick)

Update: Oprah has been spotted jogging in Zurich on Saturday afternoon! This article confirms David Bowie participation. A glimpse at Tina & Erwin’s official wedding invitation inside the post… plus a new video with tv reports from Zurich’s Tv.


Spiegel Mag revealed that drone aircraft were used by paparazzi to get the best pictures of the wedding! (01/08/13)

More details and photos inside the post

Tina Turner is seeking for ultra privacy for tomorrow’s party as you can see from the above photo! Tension is growing a few hours before the big day … Tina received a surprise visit from a few girl friends including Regula Curti to celebrate her. Read more about everything that is going in Zurich in the post. Big Thanks to Anja from We Want Tina Turner For Grammy LifetimeAwards for the update!

Along the lake road in Küsnacht the preparations for the wedding of Tina Turner and her partner Erwin Bach are in full swing. The sidewalk is blocked off for a length of several hundred meters with grids so that the many vans can park right in front of the luxury chalet, catering companies to electric utilities, transportation companies and semi-trailers for floral decoration….

(Niklaus Waechter/Blick)
(Niklaus Waechter/Blick)

Two private security guards stand next to the entrance door making sure only allowed people can enter . When the security people saw the journalists peeking through the fence, they cover it with a large plastic – Paparazzi are unwanted. The entrance to the villa is provided with a golden inscription called “Algonquin”. Underneath the nameless bell a sign to point out that nobody should ring the bell before noon.

This does not apply to the big festival on Sunday evening. Because for days, dozens of members of staff are planting flowers on the 5500 square meter grounds, party tents are set up, a stage with lighting and sound equipment was constructed. For the power supply specially thick cables have been laid from a nearby power distribution.
On Thursday a soundcheck took several hours – a local resident said: especially Frank Sinatra’s “My Way” was played about 30 times. According to another neighbor the whole music genre of Pop was played. “They played classical music, and songs by Tina Turner. In the evening the villa and the garden is lit with purple and yellow lights” – a breathtaking sight as the neighbor says.

Tina Turner & Erwin Bach's wedding invitation (ZVG)
Tina Turner & Erwin Bach’s wedding invitation (ZVG)

Tina Turner is obviously a great lover of flowers. The garden will be converted into a sea of flowers. At least half a dozen semi-trailers from the Netherlands had been arriving on Thursday in front of the Villa and delivered x-thousands of flowers, especially red and yellow roses. Gardeners are working to plant the rose bushes on the lake shore, in her garden. On the front entrance they have prepared large flower arrangements.The wedding celebration will begin on Sunday evening at 17:00 and take up in the night, as Christian Steinmann, a friend and lawyer of the couple wrote in a letter to the neighbor. He asks on behalf of the wedding couple for leniency and apologized for any acoustic disturbances. We doubt there will be complaints from the neighborhood. Because the international star is very humble, acts completely normal and behaving well towards employees and the villagers, she is never arrogant. “Tina Turner is simply charming” as a long-standing neighbor says.


No malice intended with these pictures. We just share them as fans, for fans. If you are the photographer and want them removed, please feel free to drop us a message, and we will remove them as soon as one of us come online. Thank you.

35 Replies to “Tina Turner’s wedding: Confidential”

  1. it is hard very hard to admit, it looks only for millionars. tina remember who send you up there. your friends and the punishment that ike give you. it is occult low, you will be humiliate first and then you ´be rewarded. to me you have not spend a word.


    1. You sound sick and jealous – Tina Turner deserves to be happy – she is one great lady who seems to have been to hell and back again !
      Pleas Mrs Turner enjoy your day and don’t let anybody spoil it for you !


  2. You deserve this and have worked so hard for so many years. Thanks for the endless hours of of joy and happiness you have brought into my life Tina you are one in a million,


  3. Always admired Tina Turner so much, what a journey from Nutbush To Zurich! Congratulations to Tina and Erwin! I hope there will be photos of the wedding!


  4. Congrats to tina and erwin bach! I’m a very, very big fan from tina, i’ve been visiting all her concerts in switzerland. I’m proud to have the same birthday as tina, and on every birthday i say “cheers” to her with a glass of champagne. You’re simpla the best!


  5. Congratulations to Tina and Erwin. I wish them all the best. Thanks Tina for the many awesome memories that you have given me. I am so happy for you both. You deserve the best.


  6. Thanks a bunch for the updates. She deserves that privacy. ( not that I wouldnt want to see the whole thing. ) it’ll be hard for sure. I mean, she always shares her life to the public. I know in time we’ll know/see more about this. I’m just happy for both of them. Again, thank you guys for the updates. You’re THE Best!


  7. Tina & Erwin “All the best” Elle a cassée toutes les règles de la vie. Elle a doit à ce bonheur après les tempêtes qu’elle a subit. Tina, I love Baby. Tina n’est pas seulement une célébrité pour nous, mais une femme de cœur qui nous emmène dans tout ce qu’elle fait dans la vie, par son expérience et sa force. Merci pour les news my friends. Big kissssssssss


  8. Everything is good planed by her for sure! This will be HER biggest ‘show’!
    I’m really happy for them and send my best wishes! :-*


  9. Oh Yea!
    Love has lots to do with it! Congrats to the lovers for tying the knot!
    They deserve all that privacy, but I’ll be sweet n sour (more sweet!) since I live down the street (she waves occasionally) and am a veteran writer/musician too.
    Just didn’t have the pleasure to work her gig.
    How I’d love to congrat n hug her in person tonight! I will tho in spirit.
    God Bless you and yours Tina.
    Rock out!


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