Tina Turner - Swiss 2014 Birthday Zurich
So it is officially confirmed: Tina Turner is sponsoring her home community in Küsnacht with Christmas lights.The rock legend ensures that Christmas spirit comes to the Lakes. Together with representatives of the local council Tina Turner has examined various options and finally chosen the lighting “Golden Twig” (golden branch).  “As a citizen of Küsnacht Tina Turner is pleased to contribute to the townscape in this way”.
The donation remains secret. Tina Turner will pay for the cost for this year, yet, the amount remains a mystery. According to “Zurich newspaper” it is worth around 250,000 francs.

The lights will be switched on next week, November 26, on Tina Turner’s 75th birthday! Here is a first glimpse at the street with the decoration. Listen to a Swiss radio report of the event here!

Christmas decoration in Tina's street in Kusnacht
Christmas decoration in Tina’s street in Kusnacht (Nov.17. 2014)

5 Replies to “Xmas lights for Tina!”

  1. That is nice! There is also a project, who needs same help!-sorry to do this on this side, but maybe you will like it! Kickstarter.com/projects88690702/across-the-king-river . Thank you! It will be a film about africa. Many greetings from anna 🙂


  2. ive loved tina for many years and if she ever gets close enough back state side for me to come and see her concert before im gone rest asure ill do every thing in my power to get a hug and autagragh of you my sweet tina


    1. please let tina read this I no she has many fans but I think im one of the most that has tried to keep up with her for all my life so please come state side stlouis mo are springfeild il are as close as u can


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