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TINA sizzles at 60


From the archives and by special request, here is a scan of Ebony magazine featuring TINA in date of May 2000. Follow the Queen of Rock for a special tour of her (former) amazing villa on the French riviera and for an intimate talk about her lover and her Millenium Tour.

Interview: Hedda Moye & Robyn Foyster
Photos: Richard McLaren

Click here to read the coverage of TINA by Ebony magazine from 1996!

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Break Every Record

Tina Turner - billboard magazine - August 1987

While this year we celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Wildest Dreams Tour, let’s not forget about the Break Every Rule Tour that took place nearly 30 years ago in 1987-1988.

Tina’s second solo tour was even more successful than the Private Dancer Tour and will be eventually surpassed by the gigantic 1990 Foreign Affair Tour.

Today, a special edition of Billboard Magazine focusing on that specific tour. Features article by Kurt Loder, interview with Tina and manager Roger Davies as well as several add from collaborators praising Tina for her incredible tour & career! Enjoy!

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They Celebrated Tina this week!

Tina Turner 75 Birthday 2014

A week after Tina’s 75 birthday, it is time to do a round up of the internet and check out those who (apart from the Tina Turner Blog of course) celebrated the Queen of Rock this week!

First a rockin rendition of Tina’s first hit recorded in 1960, “A Fool in Love” by Fleur East on UK “X Factor”. Very fresh and modern result! Good luck to Fleur!

After rocking, let’s Vogue! Last year ‘Cover Girl‘ receives the magazine greetings! The “Huffpost” offers us “10 Times Tina Turner’s Legs were Simply The Best”! Fancy some ranking? The “BlackLot” gives it a try and ranks “The Top 20 Tina Turner Solo Song”. Very serious “International Business” for its part states that  “The Original Diva of Pop and Soul is Still Simply the Best”.  German magazine “Bild gives Tina a full treatment in text and rare photos! You “Junkees” want more? A great tribute and fun reading on their website!  Now, let’s go to Spain where ‘EL Mundo’ says “Why Tina stays the Queen of  Rock  at 75”. 75 years in 75 photos.

The Beyond Team send us an email asking to share their FB status (and this pic above) as well as their greetings to Tina! There it is:

May the long time sun shine upon you
All love surround you and the pure light within you
Guide your way on, guide your way on

Happy Birthday and enjoy!
In deepest gratitude for all what you have given us.
Regula, Dechen, Sawani and the BEYOND Team

What a life! And LIFE indeed gives respect to Queen Tina with rare, unpublished photos!

Gjon Mili—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images (LIFE 2014)
Gjon Mili—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images (LIFE 2014)

Let’s conclude our journey, in video, in Tina’s beloved city of Kusnacht where she exclusively lives for the past 19 years. Swiss TV SFR takes us on a tour of  places where Tina ventures in the village!

And you? How did you celebrate Tina? Feel free to add any comments or articles in the comment section! Thanks!

Xmas lights for Tina!

Tina Turner - Swiss 2014 Birthday Zurich
So it is officially confirmed: Tina Turner is sponsoring her home community in Küsnacht with Christmas lights.The rock legend ensures that Christmas spirit comes to the Lakes. Together with representatives of the local council Tina Turner has examined various options and finally chosen the lighting “Golden Twig” (golden branch).  “As a citizen of Küsnacht Tina Turner is pleased to contribute to the townscape in this way”.
The donation remains secret. Tina Turner will pay for the cost for this year, yet, the amount remains a mystery. According to “Zurich newspaper” it is worth around 250,000 francs.

The lights will be switched on next week, November 26, on Tina Turner’s 75th birthday! Here is a first glimpse at the street with the decoration. Listen to a Swiss radio report of the event here!

Christmas decoration in Tina's street in Kusnacht
Christmas decoration in Tina’s street in Kusnacht (Nov.17. 2014)

3 days to celebrate Tina Turner!

This year party organizers: Sjef Huijbregts (hair) & Marco Skulschus (no hair)

“TINA 75”, this year celebrations of  Tina Turner’s 75 birthday are only just a few days away. And our fan party is making Germans newspapers! After a telephone interview with well-known newspaper Die Welt, several websites published our story such as and Berliner Zeitung.  We are all very exited about it and it is thrilling to see that what started as a little party between a handful of friends/fans became such an event! A warm thinking to Anja Offermann who was also in charged of organizing the party in the previous years, and also to all of you who contributed in making it a success!

Once again, Tina won’t attend the celebrations! This is a non-profit weekend organized by fans for fans. If you wish to join us, please follow the process for both evenings explained in details here: Friday Evening & Saturday Evening.

A souvenir from last year party in Amsterdam created by me, Ben!

See you all in Berlin!

Tina Goes Viral

(Foto: Fabian Kimoto)
(Photo: Fabian Kimoto)

In only a few days, the new Swisscom video commercial featuring Tina has reached 200,000 views and growing. Media worldwide made the video go viral. A very encouraging figure which, let assume, will make the campaign for the iO app a success. Will it lead to something else in the future in a more artistic way? Only time will tell…
Plus, here is a new interview with Tina (in German) posted today on the website!

Tina Turner - Swisscom 2014 IO App Interview

“I Prefer Not To Be Reachable”

Tina gave an interview to Swiss magazine Blick about her life in Switzerland and being the new face for Swisscom app IO. The Queen of Rock tells us how much she loves living in Switzerland and why (even being the spokesperson for a communication app) she prefers not be reachable and accessible to her fans and the public. Tina Turner - Blick Interview 2014

New TINA Interview (2014)

Tina Turner  Schweizer Illustrierte 2014

Great News! Tina Turner is making the cover of this month issue of  Swiss magazine “Schweizer Illustrierte”. She gave the newspaper a new interview but the photo used are recycled from last year Vogue issue. Still, a very candid, fun Questions/Answers interview where Tina talks about her life in Switzerland, her house, music and being the new face for Swisscom app IO!

 Translation inside the post! Big thanks to Anja!

(C) Schweizer Illustrierte
(C) Schweizer Illustrierte – 2014

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Tina’s Love Story With Switzerland

Tina Turner - Switzerland - IO 2014
A NEW video of Tina Turner promoting her adopting country Switzerland and Swisscom new app IO! Discover why Tina Turner turned down her US citizenship and became Swiss. What’s discretion, privacy and the iO communication app got to do with it? Please find out, share and comment.
Exclusive: the yodel version of “Simply The Best” ringtone on iO.
Download now for free calls and messaging:


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