Tina Turner Musical Gala Awards - January 2016.jpg
Roy Beusker

Tina Turner made her first tv appearance since 2013 tonight at the Dutch Musical Awards as a special surprise for producer Joop Van Den Ende. The 76 years old singer appeared in great form and gave an a special award to Joop for his achievement in the Dutch musical business for the past 50 years. It turned out that Iris van den Ende, the daughter of Joop and Janine van den Ende, arranged that Tina Turner would come to present the award to Joop! 

Joop Van den Ende is currently preparing a musical about Tina Turner’s life.

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13 Replies to “TINA At Dutch Musical Awards”

  1. She looks like she’s lost a little bit of weight. The woman looks good. I only almost wish the dress were black and gold…can you imagine how great and dazzling that would’ve looked?! She still has it.

    I know that she’s pretty much retired, BUT, I still want to see/hear her do an original, experimental, diverse Jazz album. I REALLY want to see her finally get to realize her wish/dream of being in an Action Sci-Fi film, piloting a star ship…JJ Abrams, Rian Johnson, Disney/Lucasfilm Ltd., I think we have Lando Calrissian’s lovely, kick-butt Wife over here. I think she’d love to be featured in the new Star Wars Trilogy. I think movie-goers collectively would enjoy seeing her in it, too. Buddha, get this out in to the ether of Hollywood for Goodness’ sake!


  2. There is no one like her. She still glows.
    She said she was happy that Joop is involved in her career at this time. Performing? Another album? Let’s hope.


    1. You know, Pat, when she said that, it made me pause for a second, but then I thought nothing of it. If that was some kind of a HINT, ohhh, Baby!


  3. Hi, so happy to see Tina so happy!
    hope this year with the musical shes would be “out” more…lol
    Anyone knows the dress label’


  4. Tina Turner is one amazing Lady. Her life and career has been a huge inspiration on my life. Tina, I doubt of this message will ever get to you, but on the slight off chance that it may, I firstly want to wish you a belated Happy Birthday. And secondly, thank you for the joy and entertainment you have given to so many throughout the years. I attended your Dublin concert, and the memories of it are as vivid as yesterday. I can still feel that thrill up my spine when I take myself there. So looking forward to the Musical. I know it will be sensational. You Tina Turner are Simply The Best. With warm Christian Love. Your forever can. Joan 💝💝


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