Tina at Baumanière

Tina Turner and Erwin Bach - France 2016

Tina Turner & Erwin Bach at the ‘Ousteau de Beaumanière’ – France 2016 (Instagram)

Tina Turner and her husband Erwin Bach were spotted at the French most elegant Ousteau De Baumanière located in the Les Baux de Provence! Happy cuisine staff even got the chance to have their photo taken with the legendary singer!



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12 responses to “Tina at Baumanière

  1. Slavica

    Like to see Tina always. I like her so much and her music FOREVER

  2. Lea Tannenbaum

    Glad she is enjoying her retirement years very well. Erwin looks very good too.

  3. laurel

    thanks for sharing! Nice to see a smile on Erwin 🙂

  4. VickyB in Austin

    Absolutely wonderful and a truly inspiring beautiful woman!

  5. Pedro

    She is definetely going back to her 60’s looks 🙂

  6. Merilin Castro

    Thanks Tina Turner, thanks to you when I sew your movie what love has to do with it, and in that movie you were joined the budhism and now I will too. thanks for everything you give to us before you were be budhism, and after. Thank you. … Nam miojo rengue kyo! ! !

  7. Michel

    Tina Turner is so classy! The Best!

  8. Gilmar Gil Vicente

    Rainha do Rock
    Essa mulher não envelhece meu deus ela é a mesma deste que eu era criança

  9. Armando Lazarin

    Just had a dream about you , so had to google you . Big hug . Love and wishing you the best

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