Today, the recipient of the Palme d’Or in Cannes for Best Actress  in 1985 (for Mask), the always great Cher turns 70! Although we know that unlike Tina, Cher isn’t really keen on aging, we do hope she enjoys the golden 70’s as much as Tina! And to celebrate those two true ‘Resurrection Icons’ a special upload today with this video from the Cher show broadcasted in October 1975. A great medley performance by Tina & Cher joined by Anthony Newley!


Medley features:

Brother Love’s Traveling Salvation Show
Resurrection Shuffle

Happy Birthday Cher!

5 Replies to “Resurrection Shuffle”

  1. My two favorite singers! What a pair of Legends!!!! Happy Birthday Cher!!! (Cherylin Sarkisian Lapierre) I can’t believe she is 70 years old :O They are both amazing. Love this blog thanks!


  2. Happy birthday Cher. You called Tina “A force of Nature” and that she was, and you in your own right have weathered through the storm to be your own force of nature. Both of you are amazing Legends. We hope to see both of you honored for your accomplishments. Happy 70th Birthday Cher, you deserve it!


  3. Would Most Definitely Go To One Of Her Concerts Again Should She Ever Be Retuning To Great Britain On A World Tour! Feel Very Very Privileged To Have Been To Three Of Her Concerts Before Twice At Wembley Stadium And One At The Manchester Arena? Would Have Loved To Have Met And Spoken With Her Personally!! As One Of Her Song Titles Goes Simply The Best She Is? A Great And Truly Magnificent Woman She Is!!….


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