Tina Turner - Live 1996 - 9

Still celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the Wildest Dreams World Tour with this 1996 documentary from German TV! Great footage following Tina Turner on stage and back stage as well as a lucky Belgian fan! Enjoy!



4 Replies to “24h with TINA”

  1. Fantastic! I was there on backstages when she got the diamond award for records sales! After to the concert near Erwin! Great memories1 Pedro


      1. Hi Ben!
        All ok?
        Yes can’t forgot that!
        I won a national radio competition in Portugal, so I won a ticket for the show in Koln.
        Didin’t expected to go with journalists to see where Tina will got that award, also knew band. After when Tina left to the concert, we run to the show also, and stayed on the lights center (in the middle of the crown) where Erwin was! Dancing in my dreams….


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