It has been a very busy and emotional year for TINA fans already but the big wheels will keep on turning for the rest of 2018! First with this year gathering at Tina Turner’s Heritage Days in Nutbush (program to be unveiled soon, stay tuned) followed by the 9th edition our annual TINA Fans Party happening in London this year. No major event schedule, just a simple fan gathering on the 26th of November with a couple of key moments to spend time among fans. Bigger plans are in the pipe for TINA80 next year, to be continued…


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TINA78 Party Photos – (c) Stephanie Pfundt

The TINA gang will reside at The Giles, if you want to join us, you can already book now! And in order to celebrate TINA’s 79 birthday as it should be, Freedom Bar in Soho will welcome us once again, starting at 11pm to dance and have fun on TINA music and related artists. Plus expect a special surprise from one of our fellow Tina fan…

TINA 79 - London 2018

The cherry on the cake for this special day is, of course, the evening performance of TINA, The Musical. A fantastic moment to share with fans, the atmosphere will be even more electric than usual! Book your seat for TINA, The Musical on November 26, 2018, now!


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TINA77 Party Photos – (c) Stephanie Pfundt

You can also join our FB page to connect with TINA fans from around the world who will also be attending the party! If you have any questions, the members of the TINA family will be happy to help! Until the party, here’s our traditional trailer, I hope it will get you in a fun mood and will give you the envy to join us! See you all again in London or in Nutbush… One more time! ❤️💃

What: #TINA79 – Annual Tina Turner Fans Party (Miss Turner will not attend the event)
When: November 26, 2018
Where: London
Accommodation: St Giles
TINA Musical: Aldwych Theater – London – Show starts at 19.30
Party: Freedom Bar (Starts at 11PM)




7 Replies to “TINA79 – Coming This November”

  1. A line from the musical. “I nearly died for my name” Perhaps that line in the present moment should be ” I have given my life to this name:”


  2. Dear Ben & everybody!!
    Is the London gathering for tthe Queen’s Birthday still on? I’m making plans and need to be sure what’s going on…
    Love & Happiness!!


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