Back in 2009 when Tina turned 70, fans celebrated the occasion by sending hundreds of cards to Tina’s home, remembering her how much she loved and missed by her legions of admirers.

As you all know, this November, Tina will turn 80. And once again we want to show Tina our love and respect by doing something special…

There were a few ideas floating around, flower arrangements and bouquets. We all know Tina loves her flowers and we are certainly planning on delivering her some roses on the big day. But the trouble is flowers don’t last. And we want to give Tina something that will last. Not only that, we want to give her something meaningful and from all of us. 

Ideally we’d have the mayor of Zurich erect a bronze statue of Tina in the centre of Zurich! (TINA90, perhaps?) 

So we’ve come up with a rather simple and elegant idea we are hoping you will all love. And more importantly, will all join in with. 

We want to send Tina a book we are going to have made and with a collection of our own personal stories about who we are and what Tina meant to us personally. 

Over the years people have had some beautifully touching stories about how, one way or another, Tina has impacted and even saved their lives! In ‘My Love Story’ Tina was able to share personal insights of her life with us. And we learned there how she really couldn’t believe just what she means to her fans and how important she remains. Well we want to tell her…

Tina gave us My Love Story. 
We are going to give her ‘Our Love Story: The Book of Love for Tina’ 

And this is where we need your help. The TINA Family is a wonderful, diverse family from all over the world and we all have our own personal relationship with Tina. So please follow the link and share your story! This is your opportunity to say exactly what Tina means to you, where you first saw her in concert, why you love her music / her story. Whatever it is that makes you a member of the Tina Family.

Please be mindful that your story will be made public online and that by doing so you give us permission to potentially print what you’ve written and personally give this to Tina. 

Due to the time it will take to produce the physical hard copy of the book to give to Tina we need your stories in by 00:00 on 1st November 2019. That is the deadline. I’m sure we will get a lot of responses and perhaps not every story will make it to the hard copy; but every story will be published online for Tina and the rest of the world to see!

Once again the link to share your story:

12 Replies to “TINA: ‘Our Love Stories’”

  1. What a brilliant idea. I wish my Tina love story was now a bit more profound and meaningful, instead it’s quite a simple tale, but will definitely be sharing. Thanks for the opportunity

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  2. What a great idea this is Ben, once again your genius is at work. I will sit down an compose my personal feelings of what Tina has meant to me over the years. Thanks for this opportunity. Mark Brown


  3. What a FANTASTIC idea!! I will definitely put some thought into my story…she means so much to me! It’s good to see you posting again Ben! We missed you!!

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  4. 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎








  5. To Ben and all the others who take part of this project -Thank You for your work and what you are doing for tina’s fansand it’s a beautiful gift to her birthday. Have a blessed day to everyone here.Chen &Keren


  6. Ben, is there a way to find out which (our love stories) were able to be printed in the hard copy book that will be presented to our Queen?
    And thank you for every thing you have done to keep us all informed about Tina Turner.


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