After three very successful weeks of previews, there’s only a couple of hours left before the most anticipated Premiere of the year on Broadway: TINA, The Musical! In the meantime, Tina Turner and the Musical team shared a few words about the Journey of TINA to Broadway!

Plus! Very exciting news, fans can follow along TINA Broadway Instagram Story on November 7th to participate in TINA Trivia, check out black carpet coverage, watch a live-stream of the curtain call, and more!

Coverage starts at 5:30pm ET (22.30 London Time – 23.30 Paris Time)

And last but not least, Miss Tina has been spotted spending some quality time with husband Erwin Bach and friends such as Martha Stewarts and Stephen Sills in NYC! Have a look at the photos shared by the lucky guests on Instagram!

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4 Replies to “Broadway Premiere: Coming Soon!”

    1. I. Did. Not. See. The. Tina. Turner. Musical. Yet. Can. You. Put. A. YouTube. Video of. The. While. Musical. So. I. Can. See. The. While. Thing


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