It was the most anticipated night of the year for TINA fans and ladies and gentlemen, Tina Turner didn’t disappoint!

Appearing at the Premiere of TINA, The Musical on Broadway and making her return to the big apple for the first time since her last show at the Madison Square Garden in 2008, the Queen of Rock stunned everybody by wearing a dazzling golden Armani dress, looking healthy and fantastic!

Despite the rain, fans and media gathered for hours in front of the Lunt-Fontanne theater to have the chance to see the Legend. And once she got there, the whole place just went wild, chanting TINA’s name heartfully as you can see on this video above shot by superfan Eric Henry.

Among the celebrities present were of course her long time friend Oprah as well as Gayle King, screen legend Whoopi Goldberg, Spike Lee, Anna Wintour, Christine Barenski, Martha Stewart and many more.

The show received a tremendous welcome from the audience, and cheered even lauder when ‘Tina THE Turner’ appeared on stage at the end of the show.

Having experienced this moment in Hamburg, I am pretty sure fans who were present had a blast, it is a unique experience to see Tina’s life being portrayed on stage and then seeing the real Tina at the end.

All the reviews for the show haven’t been out yet but make sure to check the blog for future updates!

Photos: Getty / Oprah / TINA, The Musical

15 Replies to “TINA Shines On Broadway”

    1. Thanks Ben so much for posting this I loved looking at the pictures and I’m sending her love now I’d love to go see her on Broadway do you know of any group tours that are heading down there to see her? I live in Vancouver and gosh what a riot that would be to go down to see that play anyway I really appreciate you sharing everything she’ll always be my idol I love her


  1. Watched red carpet pre and after show and now your blog. My one wish is to have been able to see you Tina on stage in person. Didn’t have chance to do that but I’ll be seein your show in Dec. you still look great , but we miss you and your videos ! Apparently this young gal does an excellent portrayal of your life. But there will only ever be 1 Tina ! Stay well !


  2. Hi👒Merci pour les images. Tina est éblouissante… C’est comme cela que je l’aime, quant elle transmets son énergie à distance👠C’est une tornade, elle vous emporte avec elle👜Les amis vous faites du bon travail comme toujours👗Merci🎀🎁


  3. Tina: You are a wonderful person. YOU ARE LOVED BY ALL. I am so glad that you appeared at the opening show in New York. Thank-you for entertaining people for many, many years. I wish you good health and all the best for many years to come.

    Nancy Brickman
    Freshwater, Carbonear
    Newfoundland and Labrador


  4. She deserves every accolade coming her way! I saw the show this week and it was a fantastic portrayal of all the key moments in Tina’s life. Kudos to all who made this tribute happen. And thank you, Tina, for giving all your gifts to the world for all those years.


    1. Haha and I wish I had been there as well! Never imagined they would release last-minute tickets for the Premiere but no regrets! I am glad other fans got the chance and there’s another Premiere coming in The Netherlands this February 🙂 Also, I had the biggest smile seeing you walking in the back of the presenter during the live feed of Broadway World, I hope you and your lovely daughter had a fantastic time! Thanks for commenting Deborah! 🙂


  5. Being there and seeing the show that it wasn’t the highest honor for the queen. The songs are all over the place and not in a chronological order. As a super fan I’m shocked and disappointed in the production.

    The Ike and Tina/Tina Turner catalog has some hidden gyms they could have picked through to brighten the eyes of older fans and to introduce a new generation. Many missed opportunities for retelling of things the movie missed.

    Adrienne is being lauded by the press and has said she’s been a fan of Tina forever but when they first met she didn’t know what the pony (dance) was. Something I think most Tina fans easily understand.

    The production was glossy and stylized. A typical Jukebox musical but nothing to write home about. Tina being there was the only thing that made it worth seeing.


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