And so it started: The reviews for TINA, The Musical on Broadway are here and Adrienne Warren is getting fantastic reviews from the critics. Here’s a selection below:

From The Daily Beast: Adrienne Warren Is Simply the Best in ‘Tina: The Tina Turner Musical’ on Broadway

Adrienne Warren is so good in Tina: The Tina Turner Musical, such a fabulous force of musical nature, that any fan of Turner (actually, even if you’re not) should head to Broadway’s Lunt-Fontanne Theatre (booking to June 7, 2020) and prepare to be ecstatically blown away.

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From Deadline: Love For Broadway’s Newest Star’s Got A Lot To Do With It

There’s a terrific YouTube clip of Janis Joplin, resplendent in a 1969 splash of crimson, purple and gold, trying to explain to a square Dick Cavett why Tina Turner is her favorite singer, “the best chick ever.” The Ike and Tina Turner Revue, Joplin continues, includes Ike “her husband and bandleader.” But, Janis makes clear, “Tina’s the show.”

I can’t think of a better description for Tina – The Tina Turner Musical, opening tonight at Broadway’s Lunt-Fontanne Theatre. An unsurprising by-the-books book, plenty of one-dimensional side characters – including that husband and bandleader – and the sort of expository dialogue done somewhat better than most jukebox musicals, but not enough.

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From The Hollywood Reporter: Tina, The Tina Turner Musical Review

It’s thrilling stuff, and a credit to the creative team that we get entire songs, or close enough to them to be satisfying, unlike the all-too-common jukebox-musical preference for choppy fragments. And Van Laast’s take on the women’s furious go-go moves deftly builds a bridge between the unrestrained style of the original untrained dancers and the more disciplined athleticism of contemporary Broadway pros.

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From The New York Times: The ‘Tina’ Musical Is One Inch Deep, Mountain High

More important, as far as pure entertainment is concerned, this story comes with songs that can thrill an audience when rendered as Turner sang them; at this, the musical “Tina,” directed by Phyllida Lloyd, happily succeeds. In a performance that is part possession, part workout and part wig, Adrienne Warren rocks the rafters and dissolves your doubts about anyone daring to step into the diva’s high heels.


From Rolling Stone: A Star is Born in TINA, The Musical

Tina Turner is a star, and so is Adrienne Warren, who unleashes something volcanic from within herself while channeling the Queen of Rock & Roll. Though Warren shines consistently, the vehicle for her bright performance, Tina: The Tina Turner Musical, hits several road bumps while charting the icon’s life from childhood through her Eighties comeback.

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From Variety: TINA The Musical Review

“Now, that’s what I call a Broadway show!” That’s what the stranger sitting next to me at the Lunt-Fontanne Theater yelled into my ear at the roof-raising finale of “Tina: The Tina Turner Musical.”

I’d say he nailed it. Call “Tina” a jukebox musical or a bio-musical or anything you want to call it, but above all, this is one fine specimen in the best showbiz tradition of the Great Big Broadway Musical. The music is fantastic, the staging is deluxe, the central figure is a cultural icon and the lead performer, Adrienne Warren, is sensational.


From The Washington Post: As rock-star portrayals go, it doesn’t get any better than Adrienne Warren as Tina Turner

Any critical assessment of “Tina,” the new Broadway musical superheated by the sizzling essence of Tina Turner, begins and ends with another dazzling entity by the name of Adrienne Warren. Truly, all you need to know about this by-the-book jukebox show, which marked its official opening Thursday at the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre, has to do with Warren’s earth-moving gifts. Hers isn’t so much a performance as an eruption. Blessed with extraordinary pipes, restless grace and a star’s joy of center stage, Warren creates the impression of being as good a Tina Turner as, well, Tina Turner.

17 Replies to “TINA On Broadway: Press Round-up”

  1. Great reviews, Tina looks great (didn’t need Oprah, sorry) and the show is terrific. This woman redefines redemption and self-gift: she was out there for sixty years, giving her all to us, her faithful fans. Is it any wonder she is adored and missed? Way to go, Ms. Tina, and may health and happiness be your reward!

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  2. The kind of exquisite performance that’s put on repeat replay. 👍🏽Ode to rock-hard choices & lifetime sacrifices that merit gratitude, and respect, for welcoming us to a blink of it🤗.

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  3. OMG! Tina looks absolutely GREAT! Soooo happy for her. ❤️ I’ll be right there tomorrow on Broadway to see the show again for myself the second time; London in 2018 and Broadway in 2019. And my very own ‘baby girl’ is here with me. ATL to NY!! We’re expecting this show to get to Atlanta at some point soon, and we’ll see it again!!! Love me some Tina!! God’s continued blessings to everything Tina!

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      1. So… Today’s show was equally amazing and emotional! I’m definitely giving the cast 10 stars!! Outstanding performance from each and every one of them; Tina, girl and woman, Ike, Zelma, Aline, Ikettes!! All!! But and however, I must admit when I first sat down and read that Tina would be played by Nkeki Obi-Melekwe, I was a bit disappointed that I would not see Adrienne. (Nkeki plays Wednesdays and Saturday matinees). But once she got started, whew, she was awesome…not disappointing at all. Her legs are not as long, but they moved just as well. Quite frankly I know Adrienne needs a break; I was just saying to my daughter who was with me, at this pace, she can wear herself out. After all, it’s been about 2 years of almost daily performances.
        One more comment about the theatre. In my opinion it felt smaller than the one in London, not sure why, but i think this show could handle twice the size. Ijs. Thanks for letting me share.

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      2. Awesome! Glad you and your daughter had a great time! Never saw the show with Nkeki but I heard she was really good (guess you have to be for playing such a part) and I am surprised about the theater size, apparently the Aldwych in London fits 1200 people, 1500 for the Lunt Fontanne on Broadway but I guess it must a matter of building conception or smthg.
        Anyway, thanks for sharing your reviews with us! Best!


    1. 1st of all I traveled from Alaska to see the show I was not disappointed truly Amazing it was on November 1st the highlight of my night was after the show where I had the opportunity to meet Ms Adrienne Warren and had a picture with her

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  4. Tina Turner the legend artist

    Le ven. 8 nov. 2019 à 15:30, Tina Turner Blog a écrit :

    > Ben posted: ” And so it started: The reviews for TINA, The Musical on > Broadway are here and Adrienne Warren is getting fantastic reviews from the > critics. Here’s a selection below: From The > Daily Beast: Adrienne Warren Is Simply t” >

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  5. Being there and seeing the show that it wasn’t the highest honor for the queen. The songs are all over the place and not in a chronological order. As a super fan I’m shocked and disappointed in the production.

    The Ike and Tina/Tina Turner catalog has some hidden gyms they could have picked through to brighten the eyes of older fans and to introduce a new generation. Many missed opportunities for retelling of things the movie missed.

    Adrienne is being lauded by the press and has said she’s been a fan of Tina forever but when they first met she didn’t know what the pony (dance) was. Something I think most Tina fans easily understand.

    The production was glossy and stylized. A typical Jukebox musical but nothing to write home about. Tina being there was the only thing that made it worth seeing.


  6. Artista! E que artista, lamento não ter oportunidade de conhecer pessoalmente. TINA é uma pessoa generosa, um grande ser humano, e se doa para a música como poucos… Ela merece todas as honras e tudo de melhor que a vida possa lhe dar!


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