Tina Turner is making headlines worldwide since her glorious appearance during the premiere of TINA, The Musical on Broadway.

Longtime friend and TV mogul Oprah was of course there and followed the event from a close angle, sharing videos with her followers on Instagram. During intermission, Tina sat down to answer a few questions explaining why that night is a victory for her and why she wanted to ‘shine bright like a diamond’

Rolling Stone magazine covered the event and posted those incredible black and white shots of the Queen by Sacha Lecca.

There’s already been a lot of reviews from the Premiere but from CNN who wrote that TINA surprised an A-list audience with her surprise visit, to People who shared a video of the event through The Washington Post in awe of Adrienne and Tina, the Broadway Premiere of TINA is the event everybody is talking about. No doubt that it gives great pleasure to Tina to see her life and career finally acknowledge in her homeland.

Tina Turner and Adrienne Warren by Bruce Glikas

And finally, the team of TINABroadway released this wonderful trailer with incredible footage from the Premiere! Don’t forget to follow @TinaBroadway on their social media for exclusive updates about the musical!

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15 Replies to “TINA: ‘It’s A Victory For Me’”

  1. Great coverage, Ben, and this Broadway show is but the icing on the cake of Tina’s amazing, inspiring, courageous, awesome career. She deserves every minute of the affirmation and admiration that comes her way. Oprah is an annoying media hog, however. And look for a Tony nomination for Adrienne in the spring!


  2. Tina you are my Shero Forever! Through similar pain and heartbreak I found a voice very similar to yours, inside of me! I started performing your music after a devastating divorce in my mid 50’s and now still performing in my 60’s and your music has given me a total new life.Oh how I wish I could see you and Share how your music saved my life! Love, Chicago’s Tina Turner Dorothy Roberson adores you!


  3. Tina Turner is the best female performer of all time. She has brought so much enjoyment in everyone’s life. Thank you, and God bless you Tina❤️❤️


  4. The 1st time I saw Tina was with the Ike & Tina Turner review in Hollywood at Ciros on the Sunset Strip! What a show! I lost my mind … was actually dancing on a table that night! Had NEVER seen anything so dynamic before in my life! Since then I have seen her shows over the years and each and every one was an event! She is truly the first lady of rock & roll … and there will never be anyone like her. She’s the Queen and gave her all and more when she performed! Not to mention the fact how inspirational her personal story is. She truly is a polished diamond!


  5. Tina Turner c’est la superbe des musiciennes que j’ai jamais connu dans ma vie et qui a marqué toute ma vie depuis l’enfance . La chanson what’s love do with it ,simple the best et les autres me transportaient dans un autre monde,quel bonheur

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  6. Tina Turner is the superbe musicien that I ever Known in m’y life ans She marques me since m’y childhood.Her songs such as what’s love si with it,simple the best ans si on brougth le si high that I was dreaming for a best word. That’s wonderfull.


  7. I saw the show twice and each time it brought back memories of your amazing career, hardships and victory. Continue to inspire. Your simply the best.


  8. I love you too Tina I don’t care what nobody say about you you are my sunshine All My Life you are my number one I’m so glad to see you still going making love music I’m sorry about what you had to go through but I’m glad you are doing better and you’re fand Renee this how long I’ve been listening music I am now 54 that’s how long I’ve been watching well if you got a couple years get it up and that’s how long I mean listen to your music goodnight I love you Tina Turner


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