Nyassa Alberta plays the part of TINA in the German version of TINA, The Musical. Next year, she’ll bring the new hit musical to The Netherlands, reprising her role as TINA there. Plus, the lucky fans who will attend TINA80 will have a chance to have a special performance from Nyassa and other guest performers!

But before that, in her first English interview, the lovely Nyassa Alberta shared a few words with me about her work on the musical, how she prepares herself for the role and her upcoming Dutch adventures!

A big thanks again to Nyassa and her management Rey Rodriguez Productions for taking the time to speak to the fans!

4 Replies to “10 Questions To Nyassa Alberta”

  1. Great Job Ben and Nyassa! So interesting to hear inside information about how this musical was created and how the actresses were chosen. I also totally agree on how Nyassa explains why some songs had to be translated for the non English speaking countries. I feel exactly like what she said about Erwin.
    Love this and I still can’t believe that we will have the privilege of seeing her live at our fan party.
    Ben, remember 10 years ago… you and I, Sjef, Marco, Martina, Christian, Lars, Gjermund and 2 others starting the first party ever? IN MY LIVINGROOM! We have come a long way with lots of dancing, singing, laughing… just because we love Tina! MUAH!

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